Natural Beauty Secrets

Natural Wrinkle Remedies For Healthy Skin

Natural beauty secrets have been coveted by many generations before us.

And, let's face it - who hasn't searched for simple wrinkle secrets using natural treatments and homemade remedies?

But, lets face it - getting rid of wrinkles has never been easy.

And, while many of the creams on the market today have some pretty impressive “high tech" ingredients, short of surgery, nothing will totally eradicate wrinkles......

But, you can improve the look and feel of your complexion with the proper ingredients for your skin type.

So, why are we so drawn to natural remedies?

Well, sometime during the late 20th century when technology took over, it seems that some companies went a bit over-board. Soon, chemically enhanced skin care products dominated the market.

And for some people, these products caused allergic reactions and various types of irritation and rashes - especially for those with sensitive skin. Not to mention that some of these product didn't add any value to nourish/feed the skin.

Some how we forgot about the beauty, simplicity, and the effectiveness of simple home remedies for healthy skin.

But no matter what products you use, it’s good to get back to basics once in a while and supplement your skin care regime with a good old fashion face masks or cleansers.

Homemade Beauty Products - What's Not To Like?

Using natural homemade skin masks and cleansers is like adding a dose of natural vitamins to feed the skin.

While I have my favorite commercial products - like advanced copper peptides and my renewal facial that I do a few times a year..........

I still love to use a natural homemade face mask, a simple honey hydrating mask, or even olive oil cleanser.

So where do you find a wide range of great recipes for your skin type and need?  In your kitchen!

Natura beauty home treatments are not just about getting rid of wrinkles - home remedies for can also help improve skin tone and provide a nice natural glow to your complexion.

Got Eggs?

One simple ingredient for used for many face masks is a simple egg!

Eggs are probably the most popular ingredient in any natural beauty secret because they are rich in protein, amino acids, and albumin – which is excellent for any skin type.

This next recipe my favorite skin tightening face lifting recipe

……If your skin is dry use only egg yolks as found in the first recipe. If your skin is oily, try the second recipe using just the egg whites.

Skin Tightening Mask For Dry Skin

What You Need:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • small bowl and a whisk or fork
  • wash cloth, face towel

How to Mix It:

  • whisk the egg yolks while slowly adding the honey and continue to mix
  • smooth the mixtures all over the face and neck. Be sure to have a face towel handly incase it drips
  • Leave on for 30 minutes. If possible, it is best to lie down and just rest for a while until it starts to dry. It makes it easier because the mixture will tend to drip a bit
  • Wash off using warm water and a wash cloth

Skin Tightening Mask For Oily Skin

Egg whites provide a natural tightening effect. It's also helpful for lifting the skin and getting rid wrinkles.

  • Whip egg white till it becomes foamy, apply on your face and neck and let it dry then rinse it off. Be careful not to move the face much while it’s drying.

    Try placing cucumber slices over your eye and lie down for 10 minutes or so until the mask is dry.

  • Egg whites work very well on the skin around your eyes. This area is very delicate and becomes thinner as we age. Smooth a little egg whites around the eye area and let it dry will temporarily lift and tighten effect.

These Natural Beauty Secrets are great to try before going out for that special night on the town or just to make you feel better when you're down or tired. Enjoy! 

Home Remedy For Wrinkles

After trying some natural beauty secret remedies - try following up with a face massage using natural healing oils.......

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