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skin rash relief
by: parker bin


I feel better since I consulted a doctor for my rashes.

I had skin rashes around my ears and at first I ignore them. But then they got quite severe and I went to my family doctor then only I was able to get relief.


Thanks for your email. Yes, if your rash gets out of control or you suffer from other symptoms like a fever, or the rash lasts too long - always see your doctor.

For most people, rashes are not very serious and sometimes home remedies can work well. But, a few people might have more going on that a simple rash and therefore should seek professional help.

If you're the type that suffers from a variety of minor conditions, there is an excellent book called:

Homemade Medicine which has hundreds of pages of home remedies that you can whip up in your own kitchen.

Hope this helps.

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