red swollen welts - common red hive skin rashes

my daughter went to bed and woke up scratching. When I looked at her, her back was covered with red raised welts. The rash has spread to her arms and stomach. She has taken allegra. Can I give her children's benedryl. She is 7 years old.


Thanks for your email regarding red swollen welts. I'm sorry to hear your daughter is having these problems.

Hives, which are usually due to an allergic reaction look like what you described......raised, swollen, itchy, red welts which can appear almost anywhere on the body.

While over-the-counter antihistamines like Benedryl can help some people, I am not a doctor and cannot advise if it's safe for a seven year old child to take Children's Benedryl in addition to Allegra.

I would highly suggest you contact her doctor, or least your local pharmacists who might be able to answer your question better.

If her hives persist, (in addition to seeing her doctor) you might wish to keep a diary of any foods, medicines, soaps, or laundry detergents that she comes in contact with to see if there is a connection. This might help you determine what is causing her allergic reaction.

Is she eating a new food? Have you switched to a new detergent? Also, keep track of every day things she is exposed to. Just because a substance didn't bother her before - like milk or nuts - doesn't mean she hasn't developed an allergy to it now.

For example, the smell of cut grass doesn't bother me now......but from the ages of 13 until 19, I couldn't be around freshly cut grass without terrible congestion, itchy watery eyes, and sneezing. Sometimes we grow into and out of allergies.

If you haven't recently changed medications,soaps, or laundry detergent, start reviewing her favorite foods and see if there is a connection by eliminating one food group at a time for about a week, then reintroduce it and see what happens.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, but finding the cause of an allergy is difficult.

You can also see her doctor who test her for a variety of substances more quickly by doing a blood or skin test.

I hope I was able to offer some help to your question...........Continue reading here.......

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itchy red spot on my left leg

by blane

red itchy red spots

red itchy red spots

Hello, I'm a 26 years woman and want to know about red spot on my left leg. ...

I thought this was a mosquito bite.. so I didn't worry.. It started yesterday when I went outside.

I sat on the ground.. then suddenly I scratch my lower part of my leg and soon I noticed 5 red spots on my leg... and they're itchy ...

I used an ointment but the next day the red spots are still on my leg... and they still itch.

Thank you so much.

Hi Blane,

Thanks for your email regarding itchy spots. Looking at your picture, it almost looks like a bug bite of some kind. I've had similar looking red spots on my legs during the summer time.

And considering you noticed this after being outside, it sounds pretty likely that it is some type of bite.

However, go back to the area you were at outside and see if there are any unusual plants or leaves around where you possible that something irritated your skin?

While I'm not a doctor, it does look like something bit you by the big raised red spot.

You probably should go to the drug store and get a special cream for bug bits and to reduce the swelling.

You also might want to ask the pharmacist if they have any recommendation on what cream is best.

They might be able to help you figure out if this is just a simple bite or if you need to see a doctor.

If anything changes and the area turns a different color - please go to the emergency room quickly. Spider bites look like that sometimes and certain ones can be dangerous.

So keep an eye out for any unusual changes.

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Is this rash called hiv rash

by Meh

I am Male 30, I tested many time for hiv all test comes negative and last month I donated blood in hospital and that also clear (Negative) because no call come from hospital.

And they had given me my blood group card so i think i am negative after 11 months. i had many symptoms before but now i seen some pink or red color rash in my body for eg. one on my nose, 3-4 on my sholders, 2-3 on my chest, 2-3 on my hands, 3-4 on my stomach and maybe some on my back also.

I did not find any painful rashes and some rash are small and some are big. and i did not notice any rash before maybe it should be there but didn't notice. I come to know about rash and symptoms of hiv from what i found on internet.

1) i want know whether hiv rash can developed after 11 months negative hiv test?
2) should my picture find hiv Rash?
3) should i need more test or see to any hiv doctor for this rash?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello Meh,

Thanks for your question and pictures. Please understand that I'm not a physician and this is not a diagnosis. And, I can't tell by looking at your picture if it is an HIV rash, but here is what I can tell you:

From what I understand a typical HIV rash is usually pretty small, slightly raised and a bit dark in color.

An HIV rash can basically affect any part of the body, but the most common areas are the face, stomach/back area. Sometimes they'll show up on the feet and hands too. And, in more severe cases, they can show up as ulcers in the mouth or on the genitals.

An HIV rash usually appears about 3 weeks after being infected. But it is possible for it to appear much later than for some people.

Also, an HIV rash will come and go. They can last up to 2 weeks and then go away and come back again. And, you usually will have other symptoms with the HiV rash.

Finally, there are usually symptoms associated with an HIV rash, like fever, diarrhea, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and white patches in your mouth - called thrush.

I can imagine how scary this must be for you. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you more.

And while it sounds like a good sign that the hospital did not notify you that anything is wrong with your blood......I would still see a doctor if I were you.

You want to rule out anything serious. And, he can help diagnose your rash condition too.

Also, you might want to ask the doctor to give you another AIDs blood test.

Good luck, I hope this information has helped.


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