Retin A For Wrinkles

Retin A for Wrinkles? – Learn About Retin A and Wrinkles

The New Yorker magazine recently interviewed staff members from the Mayo Clinic about wrinkle reducing treatments. Basically, they wanted to know what creams really worked to reduce and get rid of wrinkles – shallow and deep.

Well according to the clinicians at the Mayo Clinic the most effective topical wrinkle reduction remedy, are preparations that contain retinoids – which are vitamin-A derivatives. Rentiods help to neutralize free radicals (which are unstable oxygen molecules) that causes skin cells to degrade and eventually wrinkle.

In addition, rentoids help to promote collagen renewal. Most people see diminished wrinkles in about 6 months. This is why many professionals recommend Retin A for wrinkles.

Side Effects Of Retin A

Retin A is probably the most popular and powerful retinoid based prescription cream used for wrinkle reduction and acne. The problem is many people cannot tolerate Retin-A- due to nasty side effects such as dry flaky skin, redness, itching, peeling, irritation, stinging, and increased sun sensitivity (you must avoid the sun while using Retin A).

And, if you’re a female of child bearing age, you must be careful to stop using Retin A as soon as you find out your pregnant – because it’s contraindicated.

Retin A No Prescription Needed

However, now there are a few excellent and soothing retinol creams that you can purchase over the counter without prescription.

These gentle retinols are powerful enough to do the job because they contain 0.3% pure retinols. This means over the long term they can help repair cellular structure damage in the epidermal cells as well as in the dermal collagen and small blood vessels.

In addition, like Retin A, retinols help to reduce oil glands, pore size, and diminish scars and skin spots. The result is more collagen growth – which provides firmer more hydrated skin - and a smoother looking complexion.

The benefits of 0.3% pure retinols compared to prescription Retin-A is less side effects, less skin reaction, less sun sensitivity, and – of course – less cost when compared to prescription rentionds.

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