How to Buy The Right Sheer Cover Concealer

The right sheer cover concealer usually provides the most natural results for hiding under eye circles and shadows.

But somehow we can never seem to buy a concealer that covers well. Some are too thick and wind up exaggerating swollen puffy eyes and fine lines - while others don't seem to offer much coverage at all.

If you have to apply several layers - then it's not the right product for you. Piling on layers of a cover concealer will only make things worse.

Best Sheer Eye Concealer

Generally, as a rule of thumb, sheer concealers will usually come in a tube or stick and have a liquid type consistency. Avoid any concealer that is cakey or comes in a pot. These most likely will be too heavy for the eye area.

Look a concealer with moisturizes, light reflecting ingredients, and/or a semi-matte cover.

Reflecting light and reducing shine - while keeping the area hydrated - is key for a natural soft look.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a sheer cover concealer.......

Look for:

  1. Optimum coverage. While you want a silky consistency- make sure there is enough pigmentation (i.e. color) to cover dark circles or discoloration.
  2. Color is important. Choose one as close to your tone as possible. If you apply the concealer over your foundation (which is best) then keep that in mind when selecting a color.
  3. Application. A sponge tip or even better - a fine bristle brush - ensures smooth even coverage for a natural look.
  4. Ingredients. Look for semi-matte, light reflectors, and moisturizers.......or all three would be even better. Also, why not nourish and improve the area? Look for healthy ingredieints like:
  • cucumber to reduce puffiness
  • thioctic acid to fight damaging free radicals
  • retinol for healthy cell turnover
  • sunscreen – like titanium dioxide

One concealer we like is the Easy Eye Solutions Under Eye Cover highlighter. It's comes with a brush tip and works like a highlighter marker........ so you just brush away discoloration.

Also, it has a nice buttery feel that melts into your skin - not on top. I think this is what makes it so effective.

Eye Concealer Tips

Here are some great ideas to try when applying a sheer eye cover……..

To fully cover those dark shadows or circles - step back away from the mirror a little bit and bend your down– while looking up with eyes.

You'll really see those shadows now!

Then take your sheer concealer and - sort of paint them away – brushing lightly until the dark shadows are no longer visible.

Then move closer to the mirror and lightly dab the color - very gently - to press and blend it in.

Finally - iI always find it's best to wait a few seconds and let the sheer color set before touching it.

By letting it dry a bit first, more color is left behind.

P.S. If you need to cover very dark under eye circles and need something heavier - then make sure it's formulated to be used around the eyes. Otherwise, you'll just make things look worse.

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