TCA Peels For Adult Acne

TCA Peels are a great option to remove fine lines, reduce acne and improve skin tone through exfoliating your face, neck or hands in an easy peeling process.

And removing the outer layers of your skin encourages your skin to grow and heal. Cell turnover can help stimulate collagen production.

For maximum flexibility, TCA skin peels can be done at home or with dermatologist.

However, unless you really know what you're doing, it may be wise to spend the money and have a professional do it.....especially if you have active acne.

The procedure costs less than deeper skin peels and abrasions.

Recovery and success from your skin peel depends on your skin condition, skin type and the strength of the application.

Skin peeling is a process of removing the top few layers of your skin in a gentle chemical process. The technique removes only the top layers of skin and healing time can be much less than other abrasive skin techniques.

TCA Skin Peels - How Do They Work

Your doctor may prescribe a skin peel for a variety of skin conditions, but the most common use is a TCA peel acne treatment for adults.

You might choose a TCA skin peel because you can change the depth of the skin peel according to your needs.

Change the strength of your peel to 10% solutions to work for mild conditions like discoloration and as much as 30% for deeper conditions like adult acne.

How long you leave the solution on and how much pressure you apply can change how deeply your peel goes.

TCA seeks out proteins in your skin and forms a bond. These cells simply peel off in the days after your application just as sunburn might do.

This peel also remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin, those eternal keys to healthy skin.

TCA peel acne treatment gives your skin a boost without the need to repeat treatment indefinitely. TCA actually acts as an antibacterial agent on your skin, which makes it ideal for treating adult acne.

As your needs change you can easily switch to different depths of the skin peel or limit your treatment to just one area.

TCA Peel Acne Treatment - Time Between Peels?

Peels using TCA work well on discoloration, acne and fine lines, but not all skin types respond the same. Dark colored or sensitive skin requires more care and can have more side effects.

Also, deep creases and acne scars do not respond as well to this treatment.

Facial peeling is probably the biggest drawback to the TCA application. The chemical works quickly and the effects last for a long while, but expect about a week of recovery.

The process is not painful, but you might experience skin tenderness. Peeling skin and occasional redness might keep you out of public places for a while.

Time In-Between Peels

Many people wonder how much time they should wait between peels. That really depends on your individual condition, how deep the peel was, and how your skin reacted.

Generally, home based peels are not as strong (around 12%) so they can be applied soon - in about 3-4 weeks. Professional peels are stronger and usually require about 6 weeks healing time in-between.

Of course, your condition is the first indication. If you're still red or irritated, then it's best to heal first. Proper skin care can lengthen the time between in between TCA skin peels.

Use a hydrating lotion after your skin heals. You should protect your skin against damaging sunburn.

If you’ve struggled with skin conditions or severe acne for long enough, a light application of TCA might give you the renewed skin you desire.

TCA skin peels quickly remove unwanted skin blemishes and leave your own naturally healthy skin behind.

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