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Nov 06, 2010
thin skin
by: phyllis

I am 75 years of age, 94 to 100 lbs i have been take perison for my breathing for the last 35 years. i am also take blood thin which I got 14 yrs. My thin is si thin & no fat I can not have my blood pressure take. I hope you can help me.

Hello Phyllis,

Thanks for your email regarding thinning of the skin.The sad truth is steroids do cause thinning of the skin. Other side effects of steroids include thinning of the bones and the tensile strength of the skin?..especially on the lower legs and arms.

Unfortunately, there really isn't much a person can do to remedy this. But there are certain supplements that help to strengthen the skin and help prevent bruising.

Supplements like vitamin K helps prevent bruising and keeps the arteries strong. Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that helps promote normal blood clotting and improve the skin and bone health.

Biosil is a biological active form of silicon that helps improve skin, hair, and joint health. Biosil increases levels of an amino acid called hydroxyproline which your body needs to produce collagen and elastin......this is needed for healthy strong skin.

Studies showed that Biosil produced a 55% increase in skin elasticity. Biosil also helps support healthy joints, connective tissues, arteries, and cartilage.

If you're interested you can BioSil

NOTE: Please check with your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure they do not conflict with your medications.

Nov 07, 2009
Where to purchase Calendula cream?
by: Anonymous

Hi, your website is very useful!

I have a few questions. What brand of calendula cream is the best? Where can I purchase them?

In addition, I know there are two different kinds of BioSil. One is a pill and one is in liquid form. Which one is better?


Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your email. My favorite calendula cream is
Weleda Body Care Calendula Face Cream
because it contains CoEnzyme Q10 (up to 300 mg per 1/4 teaspoon!!). Also, it's free from fillers, binders, starch, hydrogenated oils, wheat, eggs, and soy. So there is nothing in this product to aggravate sensitive skin or those with allergies.

As far as BioSil - it doesn't matter whether you take the pill or the drops. They are equally effective. It really depends on if you hate taking pills. The brand that I use Natrol's Brand of BioSil is a pretty small pill so most people don't have a problem with it.

The liquid biosil only requires about 5 drops into any liquid like juice or it's tasteless. And the liquid bottle is really small, smaller than the pill bottle so you can keep it in your purse or pocket.

I hope this helps. If you do take the BioSil, keep track of how often you have to cut your nails and'll see a big increase in a few weeks. That is one of the first signs that the BioSil is working. Love the nail part, but hate having to cut my hair so often :-)

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

Jul 16, 2009
Where can I purchase BioSil?
by: Samerah

Thanks Linda. How are you?

Just wanted to know if I can purchase BioSil from the U.K.?

Also my skin has gone really dry and flaky with a few blemishes is their anything which can remove the dead skin cells on my sensitive skin?

Thanks hope to hear from you soon
Hi There,

Right now only one makes BioSil (the exact kind that was used in studies).....Click on this link read more about it..... BioSil

Also, if you click on the picture of BioSil at this link, it will take you to a company that ships to the UK.

For flaky skin try a scrub made of baking soda (or sugar) and a little bit of water and oil. Make a paste and scrub your skin -- very lightly. Then rinse well....your skin will feel like a baby's bottom.

Immediately after that apply a good hydrating moisturizer because the dead skin cells are gone and this is the perfect time for your skin to soak up all the moisture it can.

I like ZenMed Moisturizer because it's plant based and won't clog pores or cause more breakouts. They are located in the UK.

I hope this helps,
Linda, Admin

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