Tiny red bumps on arms and legs

by Cindy


Do you have any suggestions for red bumps all over my legs and the back of my arms?

They look like tiny zits and I'm not sure why or how I can get rid of them.

Any creams I can buy or something?

Hi Cindy,

Great question. I used to get these bumps too. It's common for many women, including especially during colder winter months when your legs are covered up most of the time.

First, make an inexpensive scrub by mixing equal parts of baking soda and sugar - keep this mixture in a jar in the shower. Also, get a pair of loofa bath gloves. Then a couple of times a week, pour the scrub mixture into the gloves, add a little water or cleanser cream and make a paste and rub this mixture – using the gloves - all over your legs and arms.

Follow-up with a light coating of Emu Oil. This oil moisturizers and heals the skin -- plus you're arms and legs will glow! I promise.

Also, these items are very inexpensive.

Hope this helps,
Linda, Admin

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Mar 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've had problems with bumpy and red arms for a long time and I came across this lotion and the scrub called KP Duty by dermadoctor (you can get it at sephora) and figured I'd give it a try.

The lotion and scrub makes my arms feel so smooth, I love it!! However, after about 2 weeks of using the scrub and lotion I didn't see the difference I was hoping to see (which was for it to be completely gone..haha) so one night after using the scrub I decided to try putting some Benzoyl Peroxide 10% acne gel that I had on my arms, I figured I had tried everything why not try this (and why no dermatologist ever thought to have me try it I'll never know) after only 2 times using it my arms look normal for the first time in years!!!! I don't know why it worked but it did! I will continue to use the KP scrub and lotion because I think it works as a system (I alternate days using the benzoyl peroxide and the KP lotion after the scrub) but given the results I have to credit the benzoyl peroxide with the dramatic results I've had in 2 days, my arms are smooth and bump free I honestly can't believe it.

I've been so frustrated with this over the past few years I had to pass on my find to other frustrated women because I've been to countless dermatologists and none of them helped at all but using these 3 products first time I've ever seen results!

Hi There,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It sounds like you might have had a touch of body acne....benzoyl peroxide can be helpful because it reduces the bacteria causes breakouts. If it was just random bumps and clogged pores, it would have cleared up easily with any type of scrubbing/abrasive product.

I have had great success using ZenMed Body Acne combo product. One part is a granular scrubbing wash which is great for unclogging pores and reducing the bacteria that cause the bumps in the first place. And the other is a mask (you can use this mask on your face too) that helps draw the impurities out of the skin and heal breakouts faster.

If you're interested you can read more about
Body Acne Treatments here.


Jul 16, 2009
Little red bumps
by: Laurie Rose

Hi everyone. In regards to the question above....could it be Keratosis Pilaris? You said it's on your arms and legs? Look like little pimples? I would definitely check with your dermatologist. But also visit www.littleredbumps.com for information on how to manage the dry skin associated with KP. Hope this helps!
Thanks Laurie!

Mar 30, 2009
Emu Oil ?
by: Chantell

So do you have to put the emu oil on or is it optional ?

Hi Chantell,

Yes, the Emu Oil is optional. I suggested that because most people have dry dull skin on their legs and arms and the Emu Oil - unlike a body cream or body moisturizer - gives the skin a nice "sheen."

Plus, it's not greasy, it won't ever clog pores, a little goes a long way, and it heals the skin too. So whatever is going on with Cindy's skin to cause those red bumps -- the Emu Oil can help it and make the skin look good too.

Linda, Admin

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