Natural Treatment for Rash Discomfort

10 Simple Tips

Whether you seek a natural treatment for rash breakouts or prescription creams - there are a few things you can do reduce discomfort like itching and even damage or worse – infection.

At a minimum:

  • Stop scratching, as this could spread the rash and cause scarring.
  • Keep finger nails short and clean.
  • During the treatment period avoid harsh detergents and products with fragrances. Try a gentle homemade rash treatment or soothing mask. You can apply it lightly to the affected area to help calm irritation. Click here to visit the homemade recipes page
  • Do not wear wool or other itchy rough clothing.
  • When bathing, use pH balanced cleanser to reduce over drying. You can find pH balanced soaps and cleansers at your local drugstore. Rash or no rash - you should always use a pH balanced cleanser.
  • Boost the immune system and its ability of fight off allergens that cause common types of rashes. Consider taking over-the-counter probiotics.
  • Consider taking cool baths in the morning and at night before going to bed - this might help to help calm the area. Also, apply a cool compress treatment (a wash cloth soaked in ice water) several times a day. This feels wonderful and really helps stop the rash itch.
  • If possible, try to keep the affected area uncovered -- especially in the warm summer months, as clothing can agitated the area and keep it too moist which can breed more bacteria.
  • Over the counter rash treatment creams like Calamine® or a 1% cortisone cream can be found at your local drug store and may provide temporary rash relief.
  • Lastly, consider trying the Itch Dr. Homeopathic Cream. If you decide to try it, please write back and let us know how it worked for you.

Remember, you shouldn't diagnose yourself by just looking at pictures of rashes - especially if you are experiencing other symptoms like fever or headaches. When doubt have your physician check it out.

Prevention and treatment for rash of all kinds is important to reduce the risk of inflammation and infection. Make sure to see a doctor if symptoms get worse.

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