Treatment For Rosacea

If your current treatment for rosacea makes you run for cover -  then you need to find other treatment options that work.

Rosacea treatments only effective if you use the right type of rosacea soap, creams, and lotions for your specific skin type.

Regardless of your causes of rosacea, did you know there are two basic types of rosacea?

  • dry skin rosacea 
  • oily skin rosacea

But you can't tell just by looking at rosacea pictures.

The problem is many over the counter preparations are too harsh and can severely over dry your face …..leading to more flare-ups.

Also, chances are that rosacea soap you’re using doesn’t cleanse your skin well enough – which can lead to acne - a problem that sometimes go hand in hand with this condition.

Other rosacea suffers experience dry flaky, peeling skin.

So regardless of the type of symptoms you have -  understanding the causes of your rosacea is the first step in treating it successfully.

Triggers and Causes of Rosacea

According to the Mayo Clinic scientists don’t know the exact causes of rosacea . But they do know that a combination of certain factors may cause some to have this skin condition.

These factors include:

  • heredity - Celtic or Nordic descent
  • pale or fair skin 
  • blue or green eyes
  • diet
  • stress and certain medications

There are also certain  things that can exacerbate or trigger rosacea symptoms. For example:

  • extremes in weather and temperature changes
  • spicy foods
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • embarrassment
  •  blood pressure and some heart medications

Rosacea is also hereditary. You probably know others in your family who have it also.

Rosacea soaps – Dry Skin Treatment

Treatment for rosacea can range from topical creams and ointments to antibiotics to laser treatments and everything in between.

The problem is that many of these treatments are harsh, and leave your skin feeling itchy, tight and burning, and if they make you feel uncomfortable, you aren’t going to continue with them.

Using the dry skin rosacea soaps and serums to  cleanse and hydrate your face is the key to keeping your skin healthy and getting relief.

While it’s not going to cure the rosacea, it is going to help you to put your best face forward - and reduce those nasty symptoms associated with this skin disorder.

One thing is for certain, you don’t want to use something like Ivory soap on your skin. It may be ninety nine percent pure, but it will dry out your skin in a heartbeat.

And if your skin is already dry and over sensitive, that’s a recipe for disaster!

What you do want is a cleanser that is mild but effective, a super hydrating herbal moisturizer serum, and a soothing mask that will reduce redness and swelling - and most important – flare-ups. 

Treatment for rosacea (and the dry skin that goes with it )is about being gentle and kind to your skin, so that your inner glow can shine through your outer glow. 

Rosacea Soaps - Oily Skin Treatment

Even with oily skin, you need to be gentle when cleansing your face. Quite often those with oily skin rosacea also suffer from breakouts and acne. 

Personally - this type is the hardest to treat because you need to use non-drying, harsh-free cleansers and moisturizers. Yet, they need to be oil free so as not to cause more breakouts.

That's where this line of specially formulated oily skin rosacea skin care products can help.

In addition to being oil free they contain nutrients such as Vitamin C to help heal broken capillaries and damaged collagen.

Free Rosacea Consultation

Not sure what type of skin you have?

Contact Emma, a skin care specialist –- she can analyze your skin for FREE!

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