Types Of Skin Problems - Skin Type Solutions for Good Complexion

What types of skin problems do you have? The key to a good complexion is following a skin regime tailored for your skin tone.

Whether you’re a pale skin beauty or have an olive skin tone – every complexion has its own problems and we’re here to help you find easy, natural skin solutions.

Pale Skin Girls & Guys

Fair skin has less melanin which is the pigment that protects it from UV rays. Therefore those with pale or fair skin are much more susceptible to sun damage and aging because the sun’s rays can easily destroy collagen…according to Dr. Marmur.

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  • Dr. Marmur recommends wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen all year-round. The best way to accomplish this is to just use a moisturizer that contains an SPF. But, if you’re going to outdoors for a longtime – you might wish to apply another layer of sunscreen for extra protection.

    To prevent wrinkles and sagging consider using a Retinol palmitate treatment before bedtime. Also, consider a weekly glycolic acid peel to exfoliate for healthier, smooth looking skin.

    There are many at home chemical peel products on the market that are super gentle and derived from fruit acids. Your skin will look super smooth after just one treatment.

    Personally, I've had great success with facial massages and face exercises. Check out my before and after pictures.....

    Olive Skin Tone

    Olive skin tones may wrinkle less than fair skin tones, but surprisingly, olive skin can easily become irritated. According to Dr. Wu, “since pigment cells are active, olive skin can react strongly to inflammation and produce a stain.”

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    You can avoid a variety of types of skin problems by using a gentle facial cleanser and a sunscreen daily. When selecting a sunscreen (all types should use a sunscreen if they are going to be outside for a long time) consider a zinc oxide based sunblock because it’s less likely to cause skin irritation.

    If your skin has suffered any hyperpigmentation or blotchy spots consider a mild ascorbic, glycolic, lactic acid treatment to exfoliate and reduce spots, discoloration, fine lines, and bumpiness. Actually, this facial is good for all complexion tones.

    Medium Skin Tone

    The types of skin problems medium skin tones tend to face is oily skin and hyperpigmentaiton/dark patches…....especially if the skin becomes inflamed or injured. This means finding a good sunscreen for oily skin will be a challenge – but necessary since sunlight can make dark patches even more noticeable.

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  • Consider treating dark skin patches skin lighters or creams with hydroquinone. If these products are too harsh for your skin consider natural spot lightener that contains Arbutin – a bearberry plant extract which helps reduce the appearance of dark areas. And Lumiskin which helps inhibits Tryosinase to lighten the appearance and promote more even looking tone.

    Also consider using salicylic acid for spot treatment of breakouts and to help keep pores unclogged.

    Dark Skin Tone

    I didn't realize the most common types of skin problems dark complexions faced are blemishes and spots. Discoloration, dark spots and melasma are a big challenge for thistype - due to the increases in melanin. This is especially true if the person also suffers from breakouts.

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  • According to Dr. Woolery-Lloyd using a good skin fading treatment with products that contain kojic acid can be helpful in reducing and preventing dark spots and acne blemishes.

    Also, a must, is a good broad spectrum sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn daily - all year-round. A sunscreen can also prevent the melasma from getting darker when exposed to UV rays.

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