Type of Skin Rash Pictures - Hives?

Hi, my name is Raff, I'm 25 and live in South Australia...

About year ago, this problem first came up. I tried some hair spray then noticed, that my head was very itchy the next day...

I thought maybe I had head lice but it was all clear and no signs. I continued the scratching and slowly over time, my neck, then my face, my shoulders, back, all over had these small patches and some even the size of a 5c coin.

They looked like mosquito bites however bigger and some even where swollen.

I went to a few doctors and I eventually was prescribed creams an oral steroid 25g, and it slowly went away with time, however, 6 months ago, it sorted started again on my arms or neck.

I am an asthmatic and have allergies to everything (lice, mites, cats, horsehair, grass etc) expect dog.

Now a bout a week ago, I had few oranges and my neck flared up with these small bite flares as shown in the photo..

I was wondering, is this a sign of eczema? I treat the issue with telfast tablets which work well

Any information would be great. I believe I should go take a skin test to see but I haven't had time - too busy.

regards Raff

Hi Raff,

Yes, I can see from your rash picture that it does look like big mosquito bites. This does not look like eczema - it looks like a classic allergic rash or hives.

In fact, it looks more like hives than a regular rash.

Yes, I would definitely get a allergic skin test to see what ingredients you are allergic too. You can also try a natural homeopathic ingredient that you spray under the tongue to help build up your body's natural immunity to all these common allergens.

According to the According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, up to 20 percent of the population suffer from hives.

And hives can be brought on from a number of things from allergic food reactions to even emotional stress!

That's why it's important to find out what you're allergic too so you can try to avoid them.....

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picture of skin rash - what is this??

by ragu

I have some small circular spots in groups on my skin (like goose flesh), some times it is itchy.. please tell me what is this?


Thanks for your email. Please understand that I am not a doctor and cannot provide a diagnoses.

However, your rash could be an allergic reaction. Have you started to use a new face wash, laundry detergent, or shaving cream?

Since the rash is around neck/chin area I suspect it could be something to do with a face wash or shaving cream.

I've heard of people developing sudden rashes after switching to new laundry drier sheet. That's why it's import to track and see what you did differently before you noticed the rash.

Try to eliminate each suspect one by one. Stop using your shaving cream for few days and see what happens. If no change, then stop using your usual face soap, then your laundry detergent.....

Also, consider trying a antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream. You can find these at your local drug store. If the skin does not clear up in a few days or if you start to notice other symptoms like difficulty breathing or nausea you should your doctor right away.

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shingles rash

by G. Rourke

I am 62, have a rash I believe is shingles-taking meds.
trying to confirm with an additional opinion. Thanks!


Thanks for your question regarding shingles rash. If what you have is a rash caused by shingles there will be specific symptoms that you'll also experience.

One of the first signs of shingles - even before a rash appears -- is extreme pain/sensitivity. Some people also experience itching, burning, or tingling. A few people may even run a fever or have a mild headache or chills.

Then about 2-3 days later a raised, bumpy rash appears. The rash may also begin to blister and become filled with pus.

Then a scab will form about 10 days later. Usually the rash goes away once the scabs fall off.

If you medication is not helping, you should contact your doctor. Also, if the rash appears near the or anywhere on the face, contact your doctor right away.

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