DIY Vitamin C serum

by CR

Hi Linda,

How can I get my DIY Vitamin C serum to dissolve completely?

I'm using a fine powder, vegetable glycerin, distilled water, and Vitamin E oil. After stirring for awhile, it looks like it's dissolved, so I apply it to my face. But it dries leaving a residue, which means the Vit C didn't soak into my skin and I'm not getting the benefits. Got any tips???

Thanks a lot.


I know what you mean. I've tried to make my own vitamin C using pure vitamin C powder purchased from the vitamin store.

The problem is because these powders are meant for consumption they have fillers, antioxidants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and anti-caking agents like dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, calcium stearate.

While these ingredients are safe to consume they many not be the best for your skin and they are hard to dissolve.

Carolyn from Facial Fitness, sells an L-Ascorbic Acid vitamin C crystal powder (with no fillers because it's meant for the skin). And, (not until you're ready to use it) do you pour the pure vitamin C crystal into the vitamin rich serum...shake it up and apply it to the skin.

She also recommends that you use this serum within a 30-40 day time frame because vitamin C is not stable and oxidizes very it loses it's potency. That is why those commercial vitamin C powders you purchase at vitamin stores have all those fillers.

If you want to understand more or read more - Click here Organic Vitamin C crystals for the skin

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Ascorbic Acid Polypeptides

by CR

Hi Linda,

I just read that Ascorbic Acid Polypeptides is better than L-AA for
DIY Vitamin C serum. Do you agree? If so, where you can purchase AAP?



Ascorbic acid polypeptide is a combination of ascorbic acid and hydrolyzed protein.

From what I understand Ascorbic Acid Polypeptide
is a water form of vitamin C that is supposed to be pretty stable.

But I'm not aware that it's actually better for the skin than pure medical grade L-ascorbic acid those found in Carolyn's Facial Fitness Vitamin C.

Carolyn has done a lot of research on the best form of vitamin C for topical use and states that pure LAA crystals penetrate the skin better.

In addition, she recommends that LAA crystals should not be mixed into any base or serum until you're ready to use it - and then it should be used within 30 days or so for maximum results.

Unfortunately, I have not found a site that sells pure AAP for making your own topical vitamin C products. If I come across any, I shoot you an email.

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Do Vitamin C Skin Creams Really Work?


I see lots of vitamin C creams on the market and I've tried a few. They are expensive, but I never seem to notice a difference. Do they work? If not, then why do companies sell them.

Hello Elaine,

Thanks for your great question. I'm going to refer your question to Carolyn from Carolyn's Facial Fitness.

She is a skin care expert who designed her own facial exercises and recently made her own vitamin C cream - that really works! She designed this cream for herself and found that it worked so well, she just started marketing it to the public. You need to see her pictures...she's over 60 years of age and looks fantastic. Click on This link to see pictures.

Ok here is her answer on Vitamin C creams......

Did you know that L-Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C that can be utilized directly by the skin? When applied topically, directly onto the skin, it can offer concentrations 200 times or more within skin tissues than when you internally take Vitamin C.

In fact, in more than one-thousand clinical studies, L-Ascorbic Acid has shown both short and long-term benefits to the skin! L-Ascorbic Acid is the choice to use as other forms of Vitamin C are far less functional in getting into the skin and creating these benefits.

One of the biggest problems with Vitamin C is that it oxidizes easily. You can see this as products with high concentrations of Vitamin C can turn orange over time. When this happens, the product actually becomes a "pro-oxidant" instead of an antioxidant and can possibly further cause oxidation of the skin. Not what we want!

This is why Carolyn’s Facial Formulas Crystal Serum C uses fresh, powdered L-Ascorbic Acid to be added to the super-antioxidant serum base upon use. This way you are assured that you are getting all the benefits that Vitamin C can afford your skin. That is the freshest and therefore most potent way to utilize topical Vitamin C.

I hope this answers your question about Vitamin C cream.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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