Vitamin C Supplements -- For Healthy Skin

facts on vitamin C for skin health

Facts On Vitamin C Serums, Creams, and Supplements For Skin Health

We all know that vitamin C supplements are probably the most important of all anti aging supplements for strong healthy skin.

But do you know why?

Vitamin C is known to inhibit skin-damaging free radicals and is essential for collagen synthesis. 

In addition, it helps regenerate vitamin E and other antioxidants providing sustained antioxidant protection in the skin’s elastin fibers.

Vitamin C also plays an important role in skin repair and helps to speed collagen production to increase healing. 

Vitamin C & Copper Peptides

Vitamin C and Copper Peptides for skin tightening.

Dr. Pickart, a biochemist and founder of Skin Biology -- who is famous for his discovery of skin remodeling copper peptides -- believes that topical application of copper peptides and along with vitamin C supplements are essential for proper skin tightening and healthy collagen support.

Especially, if your following the skin remodeling tips found in this web site -- using Copper Peptides and Home Chemical Peels

Dr. Pickart suggests the best way to increase vitamin C levels in the skin is to take it orally.

Those interested in better healthier skin should consider ingesting at least one gram (1000 mg) of vitamin C daily to increase levels within the skin. 

Did you know that humans are not able to synthesize their own vitamin C and must rely completely on foods high in vitamin C?

Did you also know that vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin -- which means it cannot be stored in the body?

The body uses what it needs and the rest is discarded. That's why it needs to be replaced daily - either through foods containing vitamin C or vitamin supplements -- or both.

Also, it has a very short half-life (that’s the time it takes for half of a substance to be removed from the body.)

This coupled with the fact that the typical American diet is comprised of overcooked, over-processed foods, we are not likely to find very much of it in our daily meals.

In addition, certain common life style factors deplete our vitamin C levels, such as alcohol and caffeine consumption, oral contraceptives, aspirins, and certain medications.

So people who take these might need to supplement with a little extra vitamin C.

It's no wonder that scientists Steve Hickey PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD, stated that a vitamin C deficiency is far more widespread than acknowledged by medical doctors and dietitians today.

Vitamin C Sources

What can you do to avoid being deficient of vitamin C? - Try to consume foods high in vitamin C -- like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most people know what fruits are high in vitamin C such as oranges and grapefruit.........

But did you know that vegetables like peppers, kale and brussel sprouts are also high in vitamin C?

In addition to your diet, consider taking a high potency vitamin C supplement like BotanicChoice.

All of their products are doctor recommended and always carry an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. 

Remember, vitamin C supplement have a very short half-life and is absorbed quickly – decreasing by 50 % every 30 minutes.

You need to take it a few times throughout the day to maintain optimal levels.

Also, the human body cannot manufacture it's own Vitamin C, it must come from dietary sources.

Vitamin C Dosage

Consider starting out with 250-500 mg with the morning meal and 250-500 mg with the evening meal. Most people can handle this common vitamin C dosage.

After a few weeks, try to increase to 500 mg twice a day with meals.

Certain health organizations, such as the Life Extension Foundation believes that we should consume between 1000 mg - 5000 mg of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C Side Effects

One of the most common vitamin C side effects is diarrhea if too much is taken. This is usually in response to taking too much too soon. Building up a tolerance slowly is your best bet.

However, if you have a very sensitive stomach, consider taking Ester C. It’s a buffered form of vitamin C and is much gentler on the stomach and just as effective as regular vitamin C. 

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