Acne Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is the newest weapon in the arsenal for fighting acne and the best part? It's all natural.

No chemicals or creams. Which means less chance of nasty side-effects.

There are many types red and blue light therapy devices on the market, the majority of them consisting of a series of light bulbs that are designed for overall use on the face.

How Does It Work?

Red and Blue light therapy devices use non-harmful UV rays that help kill acne causing bacteria....and it does this without any side effects of UV exposure.

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Regular use of blue light therapy also decreases the amount of sebum and oil on the skin and can even shrink pore size in some users.

Light devices are usually painless and only take around 15 minutes, if you use a table top one and up to 30 minutes if you use a small hand held device - because you need to reposition it onto different areas of the face.

Just make sure you use safety goggles to protect your eyes.

At home light therapy devices can be some what expensive - but usually have decent results with few side effects. The UV light in these are much lower than what you would find in a professional device.

Check with your doctor if you're taking medication for acne - like Accutane.

The same goes if you're using any over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide or AHA/BHA serums - because the combination might irritate or dry the skin too much.

Side Effects

Laser blue light treatments usually have no side effects and contain no chemicals or other harmful agents. Light therapy can help reduce pustules, acne lesions, and some breakouts.

However, it has not been proven so successful for serious cases like with cysts or nodules.

Light therapy is not known to cause scarring or changes in pigmentation, so it may suitable for all skin tones and most types of acne.

However, it's important to realize that light therapy may take some time to see results.

Some research suggest that red and blue light therapy might work better together than blue or red alone......

And most people agree it works better than Accutane.

Bottom line -- while it's hard to speculate how well acne blue light therapy will work for each individual. Everyone is different and if topical treatments didn't work, it may be worth trying light therapy.


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