Acne Medication or Retin-A Treatment

If you have a choice between toxic acne medication or Retin-A, ask your dermatologist if Retin-A is right for you.

The benefits of Retin-A far outweigh any medication used to treat acne.

 These days most people are familiar with Retin-A - but we'll cover some of the wonderful benefits this prescription cream can do for your complexion.

What is Retin-A

Retin-A is a derivative form of Vitamin A and requires a prescription. It's not only helpful for acne, but works wonders for those with breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads (comedonal acne).

And since it's topical - it's not harmful to the body/liver like prescription pills can be.

And the best part - it can literally help get rid of fine lines and improve skin tone and color.....

Side Effects?

Well, not every acne treatment is perfect. There are some side effects and precautions with Retin-A.

Peeling, flaking, dry patches, and redness are some of the most common complaints. These can be annoying, but if all goes well, you can see fairly impressive results after 6 weeks.

Also, you'll have to be extremely careful with sun exposure. You'll need to limit outdoor time and make sure to cover-up physically (with hats and glasses) and use a good SPF sunscreen.

Click here: Benefits of Retin-A for more information.

Acne Medication Side Effects

Keep in mind that any medication will have side effects. And just like topical acne treatments - dryness, flaking and irritation is also common with prescription pills.

However, some medications like Accutane, have been linked to some very serious complications for some people - resulting in lawsuits.

Click here Accutane Message Boards and Side Effects to read more....

Bottom Line for Acne Treatment

It really depends on your situation - some people might need to use both acne medication and topical Retin-A treatments. The best thing to do is to discuss this with your doctor.

However, if possible, try Retin-A first to see if that would help your condition. There are so many wonderful benefits - including anti-aging and less side effects - it would be worth it.

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