Age Spots and Freckles After Pregnancy


I used to have great skin with no blotches or freckles or age spots. After I got pregnant everything changed. Now I have a brown spots, white spots, and freckles all over my face and arms. Plus my skin is dull and really dry.

I'm looking for some natural solutions that aren’t too expensive.


A: Hi, skin changes occur in up to 70 percent of women due to hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control, or hormone replacement therapy. The best way to prevent from getting worse and to get rid of the existing spots is to avoid the sun and use a good strong sun screen.

For the dull complexion –Try a bi-weekly face scrub. You can use something as simple as baking soda and sugar. Mix the two together in equal portions and add water (or if you skin is very dry add honey) and make a paste. Rub this paste gently all over skin in circular motions – you’re sort of “buffing” the skin (avoid eye area).

Then rinse off and apply a good moisturizer like Emu oil . Apply this to your skin while it’s slightly damp for best results. Don’t forget the eye area. Emu oil is a great natural moisturizer – it’s the closest composition to human skin. It won’t clog pores or cause puffy eyes. Your skin will look brighter and have a nice smooth feel. Try to do this at least twice a week - more if your skin can handle it.

For the blotch skin - Make an aspirin mask by taking two non-coated, plain aspirins and crush them with into a powder form. Add a tiny bit of water, make a mask and apply to your skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off and apply Emu Oil all over your face and eye area.

Aspirin contains natural salicylic acid and will slowly and gently peel off the dead skin layers and will slowly help to lighten the brown spots and freckles. This can take a few months to a year – but it will work. For faster results you can alternate the aspirin mask with a gentle, yet powerful skin brightening cream…this will help speed up the sloughing off of the dark pigmented skin. A great natural skin brightening cream should contain pear skin extracts, grapefruit seed extracts and comfry plant extracts. Read more about Skin Spots and the best skin brightener cream here.

Good luck to you and congrats on the new baby.
Linda, Admin

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Any Best Beauty Home Remedies?


I have sensitive skin and can't use many products.But i really need a good skin moisturizer and wash. Can you help me find one that won't irritate my skin?


Thanks for your email regarding the best beauty home remedies. My absolute favorite is Manuka Honey moisturizer, a sea salt scrub, and a weekly seaweed mask.

Sea salt and - especially manuka honey - are extremely gentle and rejuvenating to the skin because they naturally contain tons of minerals and some vitamins too.

Manuka honey has recently been approved by the FDA for skin healing for burns and wounds.

Here is a link for this information Benefits of Honey for Aging Skin.

Let me know if you try it. I heard great results from it.

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by Lili

Is the skin damage from long term antidepressant use different from the skin damage due to other factors? I'm 35 and my skin seems to have aged dramatically over the course of a month following a horrible breakup. I have also been on antidepressants for 15 years. I see a major loss of skin volume & elasticity & deeper 'marionette' lines. I look so drawn. Can I repair some of the noticeable damage that has occurred?
Hi There,
It's interesting that you should ask this question. I just read a study that found that people who take antidepressants age faster (or at least look older) in terms of their skin and elasticity. Also, stress takes a huge toll on the skin. But you can reverse some signs of skin aging.......

The Green Cream retinol is great for increasing collagen production and making the skin more elastic and thicker.

You can also try a few other things:

Face Massage - Follow this link to watch a FREE Face Massage Video. Regular light massaging of the skin stimulates cell turn and helps to thicken the skin.

Face Exercise - Follow this link for for Free face exercises. These face exercises massage the skin while building muscle which helps lift the skin. The marionette lines are very difficult to repair, but if you start exercising them least you can stop them from getting worse.

Liquid Collagen - Consider taking BioSil. Well, it's actually not collagen, but rather orthosilicic acid. An ingredient your body uses to make collagen to build stronger skin, nails, and hair. The side effect to BioSil is that your hair and nails grow faster....actually someone women complain about this because they spend more money on hair cuts and manicures.

But, you'll see it's working by the accelerated hair and nail growth first. Damaged skin takes longer to repair so results won't be noticeable for some time.

I hope this information helps. Let me know how things work for you.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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