Do Exercises for Face
and Neck Work?

Anti-aging exercises for face and neck firming has always been somewhat controversial and confusing. 

But, there is one thing I'm convinced of........... Face Exercises Work! 

I know they work. Look at these two untouched photos of my neck......

Do face exercises work?

I got these amazing results after 3 months of performing these face and neck exercises for a few minutes a day - a few days a week!! 


The subtle changes in the shape of your face and structure is what gives someone that tired, drawn look.

It's a known fact that muscle fibers in the face start to shrink with age.

In addition, the volume of fat - found directly beneath the skin - begins to shrink too.

So when you combine these aging factors:

  • reduced muscle mass
  • less subcutaneous fat

It's easy to understand why we lose firmness and fullness (in the face and the body) as we the way, this atrophy is partly responsible for sagging skin too.

So what slowly happens is everything begins to sag - reducing the appearance of angular features and causing the bottom half of our face to look wider/heavier.............

Click here Face Shape Changes to see pictures....

How Do Face Exercises Work?

Well, if weight training can help slow down and partially reverse this process for the body – why can't it have the same effect for the face and neck too?

According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, M.D. - the skin and muscles in the face are connected.

You can create a lift and add fullness by having more toned muscle and mass underneath the skin.

While most people agree that exercising – specifically weight training – does result in smoother skin and toned firm muscles of the body…………

Why do some people have a hard time believing the same can happen to the face and neck?

Benefits of Isometric Exercises
for Face Toning?

According to research using specific exercises for face and muscle toning - like isometric facial training - can help tone and build-up lost muscle fiber.

Using a technique where one contracts the muscle while sliding fingers across the skin with medium pressure - offers several benefits like:

  • increased blood flow
  • increased nutrients and
  • increased oxygen to cells and surrounding tissue.

So it seems this technique not only builds and tones muscles, it helps improve skin tone and texture too.


Many people shy away from face workouts for fear of stretching the skin and causing more wrinkles.

According to Carolyn - creator of Facial Fitness - while it's true that exaggerated or repetitive movement in the same direction will eventually cause permanent wrinkles...................................................

A comprehensive, well designed facial workout program should be specifically designed to work the muscles in both directions.

This not only ensures smoother skin, but offers proper muscle lifting and tone.

Other Benefits of Face Exercises?

Interestingly, research suggests that facial exercises might also provide a more youthful look due to the impact it has on the skeletal bones of the face.

According to the Medical Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, facial bones atrophy – especially around the eye sockets, mouth, and jaw line.

You can see photo evidence of this here at: Face Lift Exercise - Benefits Research


Regular facial exercises work, but it does take time. Skin cells take a few weeks to complete turnover.

Small changes are happening in the first week or two, but you might not notice until about 5 weeks.

This is why it's important to document your progress with pictures – so you can compare the subtle differences over time.

Want to Try Free Face Exercises?

Click here: Free Facial Exercises to see videos.

Or visit Carolyn's facial fitness site. Here you'll also find lots of before and after pictures, more research, and more free exercises.

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