Eye Lift Exercises can help Nasal Labial Folds???

Facial building Exericse

Facial building Exericse


I'm 43 and starting to show some signs of aging especially around the nasal labial folds. I've looked into the exercise program that you like and was wondering why I need to do all of them when I’m only interested in firm or reducing the hanging skin around my nose and mouth.

My dermatologist said he can inject Restylane and fill that area in so it won't hang, but I can't afford to keep getting those injections every 4 or 6 months.

I would love to be able to lift it with exercises. Can't I just do certain ones for that area?


Hi Jamie,

When I was 39 years old, all I wanted to fix was that area around my eyes. The skin was getting loose, and my eyes didn't have that "lifted" (cat eye) look it did when I was younger.

This really bothered me because I always thought of my eyes as one of my best features.

So I started investigating all sorts of options. At that time, Botox was just approved for cosmetic procedures and Juvederm wasn't available in the United States for cosmetic procedures.

Anyway, I don't think Juvederm and Botox can "lift" the corners of my eyes and give back that youthful look I once had.

So I kept searching until I found facial exercises and thought I'd give them a try.

I tried several different ones over the years (some took so long to do!! Almost 45 minutes per session and took forever to learn the techniques! I didn't have that much time.)

Others were so complicated that you had to stand in front of a mirror to make sure you got it just right otherwise you could do more harm than good…….

But, I did start to see results. And that is when I got hooked.

I finally found one that I like, Facial Fitness because it's the easiest, fastest one I've ever

used,and gives me the results I want.

Plus, the owner, researcher, and creator of this program, Carolyn, is available to help you with your special needs, concerns, or questions.

And I have asked her TONS of questions over the years and she's always right there ..... ready to help.

The one thing I remember she said to me is that I should not "spot train" because as I age, ALL the areas of my face will concern me. From the top of my forehead to my neck…..

And you know what? She was right. I can honestly say that now that I'm 52 years old.

Another reason to do all the exercise is that many muscles of the face are interconnected so when you're doing one specific exercise, it also affects another muscle/area of the face.

Exercises like:

The Cheek Firmer, The Chin Firmer, The Pout, The Kiss………..

All build and firm the muscles around the cheeks, nose, mouth, and chin.

These exercises target the areas you need to build/lift to reduce the hanging skin around your nose and mouth.

Muscles like the Evator Labbi Superior, Zygomaticus Minor, Zygomaticus Major and more…..

To work the whole face (57 muscles) only takes 15 minutes a session and at your age, you'll only have to do that a few times a week.

Not a bad investment for a younger face that costs you hardly any money. Remember, once you buy the DVD, any updates, advancements or new exercises are sent to you for free via her newsletter. I like that deal :-)

Plus, one on one consultation with Carolyn is free too. I've never had such excellent private customer service with any facial/skin/beauty item I've ever purchased.

I hope I've answered you question.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, this is not meant to put down other facial exercise programs. I'm just stating that for my lifestyle and needs, I'm happy with the one I currently use.

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Dec 15, 2011
face exercise at home
by: Alice


How can do all of these exercises at home? I want to do all the important ones for eyes, mouth, and my neck.


Hi Alice,

You can find some sample exercises to try here on this page:

facial exercises samples

Once you open the page above, click on the video at the tops, Carolyn will demonstrate 3 or 4 different exercises for the eyes and neck.

And you can find more free sample exercises at the bottom of these pages listed below.

isometric facial exercises

face exercise video

However, if you want to do all 28 exercises that cover the whole face and neck, you can purchase Carolyn's video here at this link:

Carolyn's Facial Fitness

She's offering a holiday special discount. And, every time she finds a new or more effective exercise, you'll get that update for free – because you are now on her V.I.P list.........

She's very generous too. If you have any special needs or concerns with sagging or wrinkles – she'll put together a special program for you.

I hope this helps,

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