Itch Dr. Cream and Children?

by Linda

Can I use the Itch Dr. Cream on my 10 year old son?
Hi Linda,

Yes, Itch Dr. is perfectly safe and effective for children and adults. It's very soothing...I use it myself too.

It also helps support healthy levels of bacteria and yeast....which can sometimes be responsible for itchy skin.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Care Tips

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Where can I get the Itch Dr?


I saw your post for the Itch Dr.cream. Where can I buy it?

Hi There,

Thanks for your email. You can purchase that cream here at this link: Pictures of Skin Rashes

Linda, Admin

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Raised itchy spots and rash on arms, legs, and torso.

by R. Talbot
(Windsor, ON, Canada)

These started to appear in late Oct., and continued to appear throughout November. Doctor said it was nothing to worry about and said to use a cortizone cream to alleviate itch. No improvement to date.

Should I request further investigation of is this age/weather related. I am 72 years old, and otherwise in excellent health, according to a recent examination, blood tests etc.


Thanks for your email regarding raised itchy red spots. You would be surprised how many people suddenly discover raised, itchy red rash spots -- only to have them disappear a few months later.

I don't think rashes are age or weather related. They usually are caused by an allergic reaction -- whether from foods, laundry detergent, body soaps, body creams....etc.

Have you recently started using a new laundry detergent or body wash? Or started eating a new food? If so, try to change your soaps or diet and see if that helps.

If not, and your cortisone cream is not helping, and the welts won't go away or you're getting more.... I would see another doctor just to rule out anything more serious.

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i have a itchy bumpy rash - herpetiformis dermatitis

the rash showed up on my fore arms and is clusters of little red bumps and they itch. now its on my side. could it be an allergy?


Thank you for your question. It's possible you have contact dermatitis which is an allergic response to something that touched or got on your skin.

Usual treatment would be a topical anti-itch cream. I love like Chikkie Spot Soother. It's gentle but works well. I like it better than typical cortisone creams because it won't damage the skin.

If you have small blisters, this could be a sign of Shingles or chicken pox virus. This is must be treated with oral medication like Valtrex.

If your rash doesn't clear up in a few days after using anti-itch creams, I strongly suggest you visit your doctor.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Natural Treatment For Eczema - Probiotics cured my son's eczema

Thanks for the info you are sharing with others who suffer from fun at all. Our little boy has had Eczema since he was a baby. After many doctors and treatments (creams and meds including oral steroids **AWFUL) that were not only unsuccessful but harmful to him, we have finally found help for him!

He started taking cherwable probiotics and he is a completely different little boy now. He went from looking and feeling miserable to a healthy boy who looks amaaaazing now! He can eat all kinds of foods and has only minimal areas of a patch here or there. He is so much happier now.....S.M
Thanks for your email and for sharing that. I think everyone with a skin condition like rashes or eczema should at least try taking
Probitotics (Acidophilus)

The Studies on probiotics and children with eczema were pretty positive.

Many of are deficient ....prescription medications and antibiotics knock out our levels.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Round red spot on leg - dermatitis herpetaformis

by Csaba


I`m a man 23 year old, concerned about a round red spot on my leg. I`ve noticed the spot about 4 weeks ago, when i took a shower.. i didn`t mind it, i though i hit it or something, but now is still there. It doesn`t itch, hurt, didn`t change color or size, have no corners raised.

Any advice ?Thank you for your time !


From the picture you sent, it looks like ringworm -- which is a skin fungus that causes an almost perfect round red spot. But you say it doesn't itch and ring worm is usually pretty itchy.

You might want to see a doctor if this doesn't clear up in a few days or if you notice that the red round rash appear else where on the don't want this to spread.

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