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by jane

I am a young lady, and I do have lines under my eyes, Can you help with a good doctor in Michigan please.

Hello Jane,

I'm not sure how deep your lines are or what type of cosmetic procedure you're interested in. But eyelid laser surgery or skin resurfacing refreshes thin, wrinkled skin around the eyes and can help reduce lines and wrinkles.

Some doctors use chemical peels, but it seems that laser resurfacing is the latest and safest way to go.

Of course, when you consult with your doctor, he/she will be able to suggest the treatment that is best for you. You might only only a little Botox or even Restylane to reduce those lines.

Here are few surgeons in the Michigan area. But, please make sure to investigate them and interview them well as I am not associated with any of them.

Read about Top 10 Interview Questions you should ask before hiring a surgeon.

And read How To Find A Doctor for more information.

Detroit Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation - http://www.accentscosmeticsurgery.com/eyelid_surgery_info.htm

Michigan Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery - http://www.michigancosmeticsurgery.com/face.htm

Center For Plastic Surgery - http://www.gr-cps.com/plastic-surgery-men-grand-rapids.html

Your best bet would be to go with a doctor who specializes in eyelid rejuvenation surgery.

Also, consider trying eye exercises with skin massaging and see if that does not help. I have had

pretty good success with Facial Exercises.

I suffered from crows feet and lines under my eyes since my early twenty's and have been searching and investigating EVERYTHING under the sun to slow this aging process down. Because I knew I'd look a 100 yrs. old by the time I hit my 50's.

Well, I've found that (for me) facial exercises seemed to have slowed this process and even repair some skin damage around the eye area. I think my eyes look as good or even better now than before.

The downside is it takes time to see dramatic results. I've been doing facial exercises for a few years. And, the results will never be as dramatic as laser surgery.

But,the upside is, it's inexpensive, there is no downtime or healing process, it safe, and I can keep doing these skin rejuvenating procedures in my own home for the rest of my life.

Once, you learn how to do face exercises, you never have to buy another exercise DVD or tape again.......so that is REALLY cheap.

And, I only need to replace my derma roller about 3 times a year (because the needles wear down), so it's all much less expensive than surgery, Botox, or creams.

I hope all of this information has been helpful to you and good luck to you.


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