home microdermabrasion kit - which one is best?

by Susan

the PMD home kit that you love uses alimimium oxide crystals and i recently saw a home kit, NuBrillance that uses a diamond head .... which is better and why? It is also much less in price.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for your question regarding the difference between NuBrillance diamond tip and the Personal MicroDerm (PMD) aluminum crystals.

As far as I can understand, there isn’t much difference between using diamond tip or aluminum crystals for exfoliation.

Both of them offer an advantage over traditional home exfoliating products like scrubs and creams in that they both offer that intense (and important) abrasive aspect (meaning they literally polish off the dead skin cells).

The most important aspect of any home microdermabrasion machine is having a good suction system to lift the skin to the tips of the machine so the crystals can polish and wisk away dead cells.

The PMD was developed by a Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon, Dr. Taylor and it uses the same aluminum oxide crystals found in professional machines used in dermatologists office and spas.

I have never used NuBrilliance, but I own and use the PMD and find it small, sleek and easy to handle. My only real complaint is it's a bit loud when I use it around my eye area (I guess because it’s close to my ears)…………but don’t be fooled by the small size - this little machine is intense.

If you don’t follow the directions and use lightly in the beginning and space out your treatments, you can experience some redness or raw spots – so I know this one works.

I bought this one for two reasons, I saw it on THE DOCTORS show and I liked the price (only $179.00).

The NuBrilliance costs $239.85. I know their website says $14.95 - but this cost is only for the trial period - if you keep it, it will cost over $200.00….. So I thought I’d try the cheaper one first (PMD). :-)

You can read more information and watch a close up video here:

Home Microdermabrasion Kit.

P.S. If you purchase before July 20th, they offer a 20% discount.

Actually, the offer this discount a few times a year. So if you don't get it now, just book mark their page in case you're interested in getting it later or for the holidays. They make great gifts for mom too :-)

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Apr 25, 2012
At Home Microdermabrasion Machine - Comparison of Nubrilliance and PMD
by: Anonymous

Hi There,

From what I can tell - here are the difference between the PMD and Nubrilliance.

There are basically two types of microdermabrasion peels – crystal or diamond. The PMD uses crystals and the Nubrilliance uses diamond.

The Personal Microdermabrasion Machine (PMD) that you have uses aluminum oxide crystals along with suction….. (similar to what is used in professional machines found at your dermatologists office).

Nubrilliance does not use crystal to exfoliate but rather a variety of diamond tip wands in different sizes and texture for different parts of the body and depths of resurfacing. It also features the suction too.

Which one is better? Well crystal peels seem to be more favored for several reasons:

Many dermatologists prefer crystals because they're more effective in abrading the skin due to their texture and irregular shape.

Crystals are especially effective in treating skin irregularities – such as scars – because of their shape. Also, unlike the diamond tip, there is less chance of spreading skin bacteria – which may cling to the diamond tip.

On the other side of the coin – diamond is a harder mineral than crystal and seems to exfoliate faster and easier.

With the diamond peels there is less chance of stray particles (such as crystal dust and dead cells) to get into the eyes, mouth and nose.

Some dermatologists prefer using diamond peels because they say it's easier to use and makes the whole procedure faster.

Of the two types, the PMD was reviewed and recommend on the Dr. Oz show last year and was featured and recommend by Dr. Fredic Brand, M.D. in the March 2012 Style magazine as an effective and affordable personal home microdermabrasion machine.

Of course, all of this means nothing, if you're not satisfied with the results. I'm wondering if you might have a defective machine?

Have you suggested that and asked the company to send you another one – free shipping of course?

Also, it's quite possible that your skin type is best suited for the diamond peel. We are all unique individuals with different skin types and needs.

This is probably what makes recommending skin care products and treatments so difficult – what works for one, will not necessarily work well for another.

So ladies – let's hear it. Has anyone ever tried the Nubrilliance? Can you share your results-experience with us?

In case you're interested in trying the Nubrilliance, Amazon sells it for a really great price.
Nu Brilliance Microdermabrasion Skin Care System

Hope this helps.

Apr 24, 2012
Has anyone tried Nubrilliance? - Dr. Oz Microdermabrasion Recommendation
by: Anonymous

I tried the PMD and found there wasn't much suction at all, and the large head did not work. Also there was minimal abrasion and the result was limited with the small head which did work. To send it back I had to pay again for shipping. I was very disappointed. I want to try the Nubrilliance but would like to hear from someone else first.

I also use use the Personal Microdermabrasion home machine (PMD)the one recommend by Dr. Oz and find it effective.

You mentioned 2 complaints; however, I had the exact opposite results.

Suction: I found it so strong I had to hold the skin taut – otherwise it pulled too much and made it difficult to glide smoothly.

Abrasion: At first I left it on one spot longer than recommended. A few hours later that area turned red and sore. I realized this little machine is pretty powerful.

I even use it for chest wrinkles and dark spots. See before and after pictures: Microdermabraion At Home

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OTC Microdermabrasion Kits - Best Home Microdermabrasion Machines for Less

by CDR

Hi Linda,

Can you recommend an effective,reasonably priced OTC microdermabrasion kit?



Thanks for your email regarding home microdermabrasion kits. Well, unfortunately, I haven't tested a lot of different microdermabrasion kits to give an objective opinion.

I usually make my own microdermabrasion scrubs using sugar and olive oil. You should try it, you'll love it. Use lemon juice if your skin is oily and just add enough of juice or oil to make a paste. I use it all over my body too!

And for more intense results I like the microdermabrasion scrub/fruit acid kit. This is intense, so I only use it a few times a year. But, it's really good if you have post acne discoloration, light scarring, or uneven skin tone.

And as far as home microdermabrasion machines, I like the Personal Microderma System.

I first saw it featured on The Doctors' Show. It works great on my skin and it really buffs and exfoliates dead cells. It also has a sanding and vacuum technology that many other over-the-counter machines did not have.....this combination is what makes the professionals machines so effective too.

However, this one is more gentle and not as intense as professional machines. BUT, don't let this little machine fool you. I left it in one place too long and a few hours later had a red sore spot.....so it does work and you should follow the directions exactly.

My only real complaint with this machine is it's noisy. But, other than that - I like the results.

And, it's pretty inexpensive, and while they supply you with several different discs to get you through your first month or two, you will have to replace them eventually (depending on how often you use it).

So you may want to get a supply when you order the machine and save on shipping. Click on this link to watch the video from the The Doctors' Show........Personal Microderma System video.

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Which is the better home microdermabrasion machine?

by Amanda


I was wondering what your opinion is on a home microdermabrasion machine? I see several ones advertised on infomercials and would like to try one for home use. I had a microdermabrasion session for my birthday a few months ago and my skin looked great!

But I can't afford to keep up the treatments and thought if I could get similar results at home, well that would be just great.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Amanda.

Hi Amanda,

I've been using the Personal Microdermabrasion Machine and just love it. Dr. Ordon from The Doctors' Show recommended it a while back. Now, Dr. Oz is also recommending this machine.

He suggestions that microdermabrasion treatments can serve as a Botox alternative for forehead wrinkles and crow's feet.

What is microdermabrasion and how can it make you look younger?

Well, microdermabrasion is a mild exfoliator removing dead skin cells and polishing the skin in ways that scrubs and creams can't do. It goes a bit deeper. This helps to refresh the skin and smooth it out. Also, over time, regular use of a home microdermabrasion machine can help stimulate collagen production.

You only need to use this once a week for good results. You can use this in conjunction with professional microdermabrasion machines and Botox treatments to further reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles - especially where we see them first.....crow's feet and forehead area.

I have tell you, I use this machine and it's real! The first time I used it I left it on one place of the skin too long (crow's feet) and it left a red, sore area. So, don't be fooled by this small machine, it's powerful.

My only complaint is that I wish it was a little more quite. It's sort of loud when you're working on areas near the ears -- like the crow's feet and forehead area.

Click here to watch a video from the Dr. Oz show.

Hope this helps and try to send before and after pictures if you can :-)

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Nov 10, 2011
home microdermabrasion kit with suction
by: Anonymous


I like to know more about the home microdermabrasion kit with suction that was shown on The Doctors' show. Is that the same as the one your talking about?

Hello and thanks for your email. Yes, the personal microdermabrasion machine we're talking about is the same one that Dr. Ordon demonstrated on his show....The Doctors'.

I've been using it for about 6 months now and really love it. I noticed that I can get a deeper treatment now that I've been doing it for a while. For a home equipment, it's pretty powerful and I could only use it light a few times a month.

The suction is important to really pull the skin closer to the sanding wheel so it can really exfoliate the skin.

Plus, the suction helps increase circulation, so you get a nice rosy glow. Check out my before and after pictures here...before and after pictures.

You can also view the clip from Dr. Oz show where he demonstrates how it works and why he feels that this is a good alternative to Botox for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

I hope this helps.


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Microdermabrasion with glycolic peel


Hi there, I have a question for you about my visit to a dermatologist. Today I saw an esthetician and she did a 20% glycolic peel followed immediately by a microdermabrasion.

She said I would benefit from this because the glycolic peel would break everything up and the microdermabrasion would suction everything up like dead skin cells etc.

So I read online that most dermatologist if they combine these two they do the microderm first. I hope this hasn't damaged my skin somehow!! Your expert advice would be appreciated!

Hello Denise,

That's an excellent question. Please let me first state that I am not a dermatologist and would high suggest that you do ask your dermatologist what her/his opinion is -- especially if you are experiencing any problems or skin irritation.

However, from my understanding most doctors would rather perform a microdermabrasion first because the skin is super sensitive right after a chemical peel. And then - if necessary follow up with a chemical peel a few weeks later.

However, I would assume your doctor knows your skin type/needs and whether or not this is necessary. And, if they think that you do need both procedures that you should usually wait at least a week or two between them.

But, if you're not experiencing any serious problems like irritation, redness, swelling...it's probably ok. You see everyone's skin type is different and have different needs. What works well for one person is not always going to work well for another.

Regardless, it is VERY important to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen when outdoors. Even though it's fall, these procedures can make your skin very sensitive to the sun. I'm sure your doctor instructed you as to when and what type of sunscreen you can use.

After a chemical peel you must be sure to use a special sunscreen made for sensitive/chemically treated skin.

In fact, some people cannot even use a sunscreen for a week or so after the procedure...so they just need to stay indoors until the skin heals.

I would be curious to see how your outcome is. If you could write back in a few weeks and let me know how things are going...that would be great.

If you find that you are in serious discomfort, please contact your doctor right away...


And, some dermatologists even recommend doing either one or the other first to see if that does not accomplish what your seeking to do.

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