by angie

I have a lot of break outs on my chest. They're not pimples but red bumps, some are filled with a liquid others are just red bumps. I cant seem to get ride of them. I have been thru chem. Can you tell me what is the best vitamin to improve my skin? These break outs are on my chest.

Hi Angie,

Thanks for your question. Gosh, there could be so many reasons for this type of skin condition. Are you sure that it's not a rash? Do these bumps itch? Or are these bumps really blisters? Or could it body acne?

A solution for your skin problem would be easier to find if you knew what exactly the problems is.

In your question above you said "I have been thru chem." Do you mean you've been through chemotherapy? This type of skin condition can certainly be as a result of chemotherapy too. And, you must check with your physician before taking any supplements as they may interfere with your chemo.

Ok, that being said, I can tell you a few supplements that are very helpful for healthy skin.

In general for all types of skin problems, BioSil is great for stronger, thicker skin, hair, and nails. It also supplies the body with the specific amino acid that it needs to produce collagen. Click here BioSil to read more and see the studies.

Body acne is very common on the chest and back only. A good 2 step body treatment that includes: a spot mask (just dab it on the red bumps and it helps to dry them up overnight)and an acne wash to exfoliate and unclog the pores will help reduce the red spots and bumps. Click here to read more about a Body Acne Cure.

Also, try this the next time you take a shower...Mix a handful of baking soda and/or sugar with a small amount of water. Make a paste and scrub that paste all over your chest. In fact, try it on your arms and elbows too. You won't believe how smooth and soft your skin will be.

I certainly hope I was able to provide some helpful information for you. Please let me know if there is anything I else I can help you with.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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