What is Eyeliss?

Which Cream is Best?

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Just what is Eyeliss and why is everyone looking for this ingredient in their eye treatment product?

Eyeliss is actually a combination of 3 ingredients (protein peptides) that has helped many people decongest puffy, baggy eyes.

What Can These Protein Peptides Do?

Peptides have been know to play an important role in rejuvenating the eye area through several methods by helping to:

  • Decongest the area
  • Reduce inflammation – helps reduced puffy look
  • Strengthen capillaries to reduce leakage – which can help reduce that purple/bluish discoloration around the eyes…….i.e dark circles

Eyeliss was originally developed outside of the United States – near Paris - by a company called Sederma.

They specialize in the development of a wide range of biochemical actives used in cosmetics to reduce aging skin symptoms such as wrinkles, sags, and free radical damage.

And while clinical tests where done only on 20 middle aged volunteers, Sederma was so confident of the effects of this special combination ingredient, that they patented it.

Eyeliss is not new, it has been used by celebrities and Europeans for years, but it was very expensive.

However, since then the prices have come down considerably over the last few years and we are beginning to see more and more companies adding it to their skincare line.

Sounds good right?

The problem is - according to the clinical studies done by Sederma company - in order for Eyeliss to be effective, the anti-aging product should contain a significant amount............at least 3% to product desirable results.

Eyeliss creams usually contain Matrixyl and Haloxyl which are known to help improve the look of the entire fragile eye area.

Personally, I never found these products to help  decongest the eye area.

In fact, they seem to irritate my delicate under eye skin. I know this may not be the usual response - but I had to share that warning with my readers.

Products Containing Eyeliss

To be honest, I haven't seen many products that contain this ingredient on the store shelves.

There are a few products on the internet - but they don't  mention how much Eyeliss they actually contain.

Nor do they show where it falls within the list of ingredients which is a good indication of how much or how little Eyeliss it contains.

Remember, the higher on the list the more it contains. And the opposite is true - the lower on the list, the less it contains.

If you're still interested in trying creams containing Eyeliss, you can check out the selection here on Amazon.

Also, keep in mind that if you're eyes tend to swell up easily, you may wish to consider using a product that's not too creamy or oily – which can only make the situation worse...........

Look for Eyeliss serums and gels - they might be a better option for you. 

Selecting Eyeliss Products

You really need to decide what you need or are looking for in an eye cream. 

If you have issues with puffy eyes, you probably should avoid eye  products that contain oils, waxes, or  paraffin.

These ingredients can irritate sensitive under eye skin. I know it does for me!

We hope this information about Eyeliss helped answer some of your question.

For more information see the pages listed below or drop us a line......

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