Acne Treatments for Sensitive Skin

Finding effective acne treatments for sensitive skin can be a nightmare!

Even those without sensitive skin usually have a hard time adjusting to acne treatment remedies.

That's because so many contain ingredients that are designed to reduce bacteria and excess oil – ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. 

The sad fact is, many people find these ingredients helpful in reducing breakouts, but they cannot maintain treatment long enough due to side effects.

Sensitive Acne Treatments 

There are several options and sometimes a multi-pronged approach works best.

Finding a combination that suites your complexion is key here, and this sometimes involves a little bit of trial and error. 

Let start with something simple like diet.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about which foods – if any - cause acne. The most common culprits like greasy fried foods or chocolate have never been scientifically proven.

But there is one food that has researchers interested in doing more studies….and that is milk.

According to the Dermatology Online Journal there may be a connection between milk consumption and acne flare-ups

Researchers speculate the connection could be due to several reasons:

    First - milk contains estrogen which may have negative effects on sebaceous gland function (oil glands). 

    Second - there might be a connection between milk consumption and an increase in androgen levels. Increase androgen levels are associated with increased acne lesions. Androgen is hormone that tends to be highest during puberty, which is also the time most people start to develop acne breakouts.

Researchers noted the type of milk (whole, low fat, skim) did not make difference.

However, there was no association between other dairy products (like cheese, yogurt, or ice cream) and breakouts…..well, that's good news for dairy lovers!

So if you're a milk lover, stop drinking it for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference.

Can't Live Without Milk? Try switching to soy or almond milk which does not contain hormones.

Organic Solutions for Acne Complexion

Before you seeking acne treatments for sensitive skin, there are a few things you should consider.

First, many products are a "one-size-fits-all" solution. You know your complexion is sensitive but is there anything else about it that may affect how a product works? 

For example:

  • Are some spots oily while others are dry? That could mean you have combination skin.
  • Does your complexion usually respond better to creams? If so you could have a dry complexion….yes, it's possible to have dry skin and acne. 

  • What about gel-based or serum type products, do they tend to agree with you? If so, you could be an oily type. 
  • What about wrinkles? Do you have mature skin and acne? Not a very easy combination to treat!

You see finding a treatment that works best for you may mean you have to find one that is suited for your complexion type.

Also, as you’re reading product labels you want to focus on mild blends with no fragrance or additives, perhaps with organicingredients

And stay away from whatever keynote ingredient (like benzoyl peroxide) a product uses to combat acne, if you know your skin can’t handle a lot of it.

Click on this link to visit a site that caters to acne sensitive skin treatment products specifically designed for individual complexion types like – Dry, Oily, Combination, Mature/Wrinkles.

You're more likely to get good results – and less irritation - when you start using ingredients that are suitable for your type.

Other Ideas for Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment

Finding acne treatments for your particular sensitive skin is one step to consider, but there are other things you can do regularly that will help prevent acne including:

    ! Sometimes it's better NOT to use a wash cloth to avoid irritating the skin. Use your fingers and very gently slide them across your face when washing or moisturizing.

    ! Only use a gentle facial cleanser for sensitive skin and never wash your face more than twice a day. Over washing can irritate sensitive skin.

    ! Never pick at your pimples. Let them heal naturally.

    ! Be aware of anything that might further irritate your face - such as tissues, hats or bike helmets, greasy hair or hair gels and products.

    ! Avoid makeup and sunscreens that are not formulated for a sensitive complexion or consider ones that contain organic ingredients. 

Review this mineral makeup page to find the makeup suited for your type.

    ! Try natural homemade acne treatment masks and facials. Sometimes ingredients found in your own kitchen can help calm and reduce inflammation.

    But be very careful here and always try a small patch test first and never use ingredients that you're allergic to.

Give it a try. Try an acne treatment remedy designed for sensitive skin or mature skin. You'll not only get better results, but a healthier looking complexion. 

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