Causes of Eczema

Most doctors are not sure of the exact causes of eczema, probably because there are no tests to determine the causes.

However, they do believe that it might be either hereditary, an overactive immune system triggered by environmental or emotional causes. 

eczema skin symptoms - eczema free

I know that's hard to hear if you're one of the thousands of people suffering from this uncomfortable and sometimes painful disorder.

But hopefully, you'll learn something here that at least might help relive the uncomfortable symptoms......because at this point that is all that can be done for eczema suffers.

Some people strongly believe there is a connection between eczema and food allergies. Many people experience eczema skin symptoms after eating certain foods or being exposed to certain allergens.

These symptoms can range from mild to extreme and cause much distress to the person suffering from this widely unknown, but common skin disorder.

So it may be worth your time to keep a food journal and watch for symptoms that may flare up. Keep in mind that some symptoms may not occur until 24 hours after the offending food has been digested.......

The most common type of eczema is:

topic eczema which doctors believe might be hereditary. This type of eczema is often caused by allergens in the environment (like pollen and dusts) or from certain foods. see which foods cause eczema.

The second most common type of eczema is:

Atopic Contact dermatitis which results in flare-ups after touching or coming in contact with something the person is allergic too (like wool fabrics, animal hair, metals, cosmetics, soaps….etc.)

Learn how to be eczema free and see more photos. See tips on the management of Atopic Dermatitis.

If you suffer from the occasional eczema flare-ups - meaning you have symptoms now and then suddenly they disappear - consider that maybe you suffer from the very common Pseudomonas Dermatitis ............................

which is just a fancy name for hot tub rash.

Other causes of eczema flare-ups for both types of eczema include:

  • chemical irritants such as harsh soaps and detergents, perfume, astringents, and pesticides
  • physical irritants like fabrics that are scratchy like wool
  • changes in humidity or temperature
  • emotional or physical stress
  • infections

Keep in mind these of causes may vary from person to person. And to make matters worse, some people suffer from a more severe type of eczema called Sebhorreic Dermatitis which can sometimes look like acne!

By treating this sensitive skin condition with acne products, you only make the situation worse and cause more inflammation. Click on the link above to learn more and see pictures.

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