Got Crepey Skin?

What is crepey skin? Why do certain parts of our body begin to sag and thin as we age? 

The word crepe (\\krāp\\) is usually used to refer to a type of fabric that is thin, with a wrinkled surface, or sometimes a pancake. 

However, in the skin care world, this term takes on a new meaning..............Referring to a certain type of aging skin as crepey, or sagging thin skin.

One of the most common places we begin to see this sagging is on the back of the hand.  

This area probably receives the least care and attention - in terms of moisturizing, use of sunscreen, and sun protection.

what causes crepey skin?

Another very common and dreaded area we see crepey skin is on the upper inner thighs, upper arms.

This is especially noticeable after substantial weight loss.

Crepey Skin on Face & Neck

Crepey skin on the face, and neck is probably the most difficult to deal with because we can't hide it under clothes or with makeup and creams.

But I found one solution for the face and neck  that has worked very well for me.

See my before and after pictures at: Treatment For Crepey Skin of the Face and Neck.

And for help with crepey skin under the eyes click here....

While there are many causes of crepey skin, the main reason is usually due to the decline in youthful collagen and elastin production which are the main building blocks for a firm, supple, hydrated complexion.

Professional Crepey
Skin Treatment

There are several tightening and rejuvenating procedures that might help, but it really depends on each individual's situation.

For example, a cosmetic surgery lift is more appropriate if there is severe sagging or drooping.

But it won't really help much for wrinkling and thinning of the dermis and may even make it look worse - especially on the face.

Other procedures involve chemical/laser peels, or laser resurfacing (like Fraxel CO2 - Fractionated CO2).

This is a where the top layer of the dermis is burned and slowly peels away revealing new, smoother, tighter complexion underneath may help.

Less Invasive Treatments

Less invasive procedures involve the use of professional medical microdermabrasion (MDA) which is a resurfacing technique that uses a stream of fine abrasive diamond crystals.

Over the course of several sessions –it exfoliates or “sand blasts” the top layers which can help to smooth out a crepey wrinkled complexion.

However, the problem with all of these procedures is they don’t address the thin aging issue and cannot replace lost volume.

This is where dermal fillers (like Restylane, Juviderm, and Sculptra) may help - depending where the problem is. Your doctor can discuss best options for your situation.

Home Remedy

Personally, for me, facial muscle building has brought amazing results for my face and especially my neck.

I follow a program that includes building facial and neck muscles along with skin polishing to further smooth away  fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does Facial Building/Massaging work?

According to face exercise experts, facial muscles are attached to the skin - as well as bone - so by exercising the underlying muscles your skin benefits in several ways, including:

  • Increasing muscle size and fiber helps lifts sagging skin for a firmer fuller look. 
  • Gently massaging and handling the skin helps increase collagen production reducing that thin papery area around the neck and eyes.
  • Increased circulation which helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to your face. 
  • Oily and dry zones are regulated due to the massage effect which helps distribute oils.

Other Benefits:

The other benefits I like about following a face exercise/muscle building program is that it's a natural anti-aging skin technique.

It's also very inexpensive and a very effective way to stay younger looking as we age because it helps to address several aging factors.....sagging, wrinkles, and papery thin skin.....

And, there is no need to purchase it over and over again - like creams or Botox. Once you purchase the instructional DVD, you can use it at home forever. 

You never have to replace or purchase it again.

It's a lifelong tool for a younger more elegant face. And, after a few months, you'll find that you've memorized the exercises so you can do them anywhere without the DVD.

These exercises only take 15 minutes and are done lying you can do them first thing in the morning or before going sleep.

Laying down gives you the "gravity" advantage for faster results.

Want more info on how it works? Click on this very cool Interactive Muscle Chart below to see which facial muscles/areas are affected by facial exercises.

Other Crepey Skin Solutions

Other homemade natural solutions to help reduce crepey skin include:

Diet - Make sure to keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, eating foods (veggies and fruits) that are high in liquid volume.

Consider keeping a humidifier in the bedroom at night if you live in a dry climate. Spritz your face throughout with mineral water kept in a spray bottle.

Or for more hydration try adding an equal amount of full fat milk to the mineral water mixture...a secrete that Cindy Crawford swears by.

Moisturize - Follow each exfoliation treatment with a super hydrating moisturizer. This is the best time to moisturize because the dermis is clean and clear allowing the moisturizer to penetrate better.

Increase Cell Turnover - Exfoliate with deeply microdermabrasion machines and/or creams can help reveal smoother skin underneath, reduce imperfections like brown spots, freckles, or age spots, and help skin absorb moisturizers better.

Increasing Cell turnover is very important for those over 35 years of age and should be part of a weekly maintenance as the ability to shed dead cells is reduced as we age - which is why many of us suffer from dull, flaky complexion.

Manual exfoliation with natural hydroxy or natural fruit acids (like salicylic acid) is best.

Followed with a wax free, vitamin C enriched moisturizer to seal in hydration and improve the look and feel of your complexion.

Want More Homemade Remedies and Recipes? Visit what to do about crepe skin for the face and body.

Additional Reading for Crepey Skin

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Makeup for Aging Eyes? - Try a highlighting smudge proof eyeliner that WON'T smudge into creases and folds.

Reference: Why Facial Exercises Work

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