Preventing Wrinkles

Prevent Face Wrinkles - 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips for prevent wrinkles that you've probably heard before - but haven't taken seriously. 

Have you noticed that some people age better than others? Take a look at what they do....I'll bet they follow one or all the tips listed below. 

  1. Avoid the Sun - Preventing damage is so important. Stay out of the sun. Overexposure to UVA or UVB light accounts for a whopping 90% of all damage and premature aging.
  2. Feed Your Skin - You may not think diet has that much to do with preventing wrinkles, but it does. Good nutrition, especially antioxidants to help fight free radical damage, which can damage your complexion. Free radicals are a byproduct of living – you just can’t escape them.

    They affect your cellular DNA -- over a lifetime -- cell by cell as we age. The best you can do is arm yourself with as much fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables. Also, consider taking vitamins for extra insurance.
  3. Don’t Use Soap! - Even if you’re young you shouldn’t use soap on the face as the pH balance can upset the acid mantel later. Most people, especially those with a mature complexion, do better with a gentle facial cleanser one with a mild pH balance. Preventing a pH imbalance also helps prevent other problems like rashes.
  4. Keep Skin Hydrated - Certain topical products are great for preventing moisture loss. Topical products like hyaluronic acid and/or Omega 3 rich moisturizer is a good choice. Actually, this is a lovely combo. I use this myself during the dry winter months.
  5. Apply clinically proven copper peptides. Cosmetic surgeons use copper peptides to encourage faster and better healing of plastic surgery procedures. So, why shouldn't we use it daily? A friend of mine had laser surgery to remove the wrinkles from her face. While she was healing her plastic surgeon gave her copper peptide cream to encourage healing. 

Additional Tips.........

While I'm not sure if exfoliating will prevent face wrinkles from forming................but I do know exfoliating your face regularly makes a HUGE difference in how your skin looks.

I use two types of exfoliators that come as a kit:

  1. Mechanical exfoliator - like a scrub. This helps flake off all those nasty dead skin cells that sit inside a wrinkle and makes it more visible.
  2. Chemical exfoliator - like glycolic and lactic acid serums. These natural exfoliators help dissolve dead cells and smoothes out the skin even further.

Most people see a difference after just the first use!! You can learn more about the Skin Eraser Kit here.....

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