Best cream to use with derma wand

What's the best cream to use with the derma wand?


Thanks for your email regarding the Best creams to use with the Derma Wand. I personally would suggest the Eyeliss, by Dermjavu.

Click here to read the Eyeliss Review.

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What IsThe Best Anti-Aging Cream and best Botox Cream

by Lina

Dear Sirs,

I’m looking for the best anti aging cream and botox cream.

I am positively impressed with your web site. I have visited several "anti-wrinkle" - "anti- aging"- skin sites, and until now, I had not found a serious and unbiased one; they all seem to be sponsored by some product company. It is good to find, finally, one like yours.

I am 35 years old, and my skin is lifeless, aged, lacks firmness, and crow feet are very marked. I have read a lot of information in your web site, but I still have some questions...

I am searching for the best product available for wrinkles. I not only want a cosmetic solution like botox alternative creams, but something that really would rejuvenate my skin.

After reading your site it seems that retinols, copper peptides, glycolic and hyaluronic acid based products are the best, but do I need to use all 4 products for anti-aging skin care?

Another question, which is best in rejuvenating skin? Glycolic acid or Retinols?

And, I have seen so many reviews on botox alternative creams that I am very confused... Apparently you recommend ALPHA DERMA CE, but I see it does not have Matrixyl – an ingredient you mention as top in reducing wrinkles.

Is there any other product or combination of products to be used to get the full range of the top ingredients you recommend: argireline, Matrixyl, plus the antioxidants, DMAE, etc you find so useful in ALPHA DERMA CE?

Finally, does Athena 7 minute lift really works?
I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Hi Lina,

What great questions you asked!!

I can see you’ve been doing your homework on anti-aging skin treatments. It is difficult sorting through all the information because there is so much out there these days to help us look better and stay younger looking as we age. I'll try to help you sort through all of this information.

Ok, let’s answer your questions:

Q - Should one use all 4 products (retinols, copper peptides, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid) for anti-aging skin care?

A – No, you don’t need to use all of them. Retinols and glycolic acids are in a similar category in that they help to exfoliate dead skin cells along with sun spots, acne, and other blemishes.

I find that Retinols are best for older skin that is starting to show signs of dryness and aging. Since you’re 35 I would suggest trying Retinols. You didn’t specify if your skin is very dry or not. If it is, then I would use the Green Cream Retinol which is more soothing.

If your skin is not that dry or sensitive, just very dull and you want faster results I would suggest the Replenix Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum.
Visit these two links to read more about them.

As far as copper peptides and hyaluronic acid go - yes you can use both together daily. Here is the difference between the two……..

Copper peptides(with GHK-Cu) literally help to rebuild collagen and elastin as we age. Clinical studies have proven this over and over again. Copper peptides can be used along with any other anti-aging skin care regime you follow – whether it’s after cosmetic surgery, chemical face peels, glycolic acid, retinol products, laser rejuvenation…… because copper peptides helps the skin heal and stimulates collagen production.

In fact, most plastic surgeons will give you a jar of copper peptides to use post healing from cosmetic surgery. I use the Neova Night Therapy Copper Peptide which contains the GHK-Cu. It says night therapy but I use it during the day – it’s very moist and soothing…I love it.

Hyluaronic acid products are great for quickly plumping up the skin to help you look better faster. While they do help to stimulate the skin regeneration process, they don’t have the powerful collagen building capabilities like Copper peptides and Retinols. Where Copper peptides and Retinols are used all over the face, neck, chest, and even back of hands (they show your age too) Hyluaronic acid is applied on specific areas that bother you the most like the folds (parentheses) around the mouth.

Q – Is Alpha Derma CE the Best Botox Alternative Cream even though it doesn’t contain Matrixyl?

A – I present information on my site based on the latest studies/research available at the time. Last year I first wrote about this great ingredient that was proven in studies to be helpful for reducing muscle contraction and wrinkles – that was Matrixyl.

It still is a great ingredient and has great research behind it -- But just recently skin care expert Janson Beckett came out with Alpha Derma CE which differs from all the other “typical” botox creams on the market because it has more clinically proven ingredients that other products don’t have. In clinical tests and customer testimonies, this product delivered better results than those only containing Matrixyl.

You can read more about it Alpha Derma CE here. They are so confident that you’ll love it that they are offering a Free 1oz bottle with ever order. This offer is so popular that the FREE bottle is on back order, but will be shipped out in 5-7 days after placing the initial order.

Q- Does Athena 7 Minute Lift really work?

A- I’ve tried it and didn’t really notice much difference. I think I get better results with the Alpha Derma CE.

However, let’s put this question out to the other visitors reading this…………… If anyone out there has tried the Athena 7 Minute Lift or any other botox cream please feel free to join in on this discussion. We’d love to hear what you have to say!!

And make sure to put your email in the required box when you respond, this way you’ll be notified each time a visitor leaves a comment or message.

Ok, Lina – let’s sum up what was said here.

1. You can use Retinols or Glycolic acid for exfoliating dull, lifeless, dry skin - You don’t have to use both. And since you’re over 35 I would use Rentiols.

2. Copper Peptides can be used with any and skin rejuvenating creams and techniques. I’d use the Copper peptides in the morning and the Retinols at night.

3. Hylauronic acid and botox creams are great temporary products that make you look better faster. If you can afford them in your budget great -- as they can be used with any anti-aging regime. But if your budget is limited, I would choose copper peptides or retinols -- or both for best results.

And finally, try this little trick to get glowing skin fast:

Take equal amounts of baking soda and sugar (about 1 tablespoon of each) and add a little water to make a paste. Then rub this paste all over your face and neck.

Then rinse well and follow with a good anti-aging moisturizing cream. The Neova Night Therapy Copper Peptide would be excellent choice. Your skin will be so soft and will look great!

Linda, Admin

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