Accutane Hair Loss Statistics

by Joe
(San Diego, Ca.)

I used for years and have since stopped, but I still have acne.

I read that Accutane might affected my hair loss. I was wondering if anyone had any Accutane hair loss statistics? I've read that it can cause hair loss, but can't confirm this anyone.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your email regarding Accutane and hair loss statistics. I'm hoping someone with detailed knowledge will post here and offer more information on your question.

In the meantime, I can tell what I have found. Hair loss from this drug is a very possible side effects and for most people it is temporary. You didn't say how long you were on the drug, but from what I understand you're not supposed to be on it too long.

Just long enough to get the acne under control. Many people say that the hair loss stops once the drug is withdrawn and the hair usually comes back within the next few months. If after 7-9 months you don't notice it coming back OR you still keep losing it - you may want to see your doctor or a hair loss specialist.

A few people found that their hair loss had nothing to do with Accutane and was due to other reasons like genetics.

Is your father, uncle, or grandfather losing their hair? Does it run in your family? That is something to think about if you continue to notice hair once you've stopped using Accutane.

If you are losing hair all over like on the eyebrows - it suggested that you get your Thyroid hormones checked your T3 and T4 levels. Also, do a full CBT (chemistry blood test) to make sure all is well with your liver.

Hope this helps.....
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by Preity Beedassy

Hi everybody,

I've just started using Accutane after much reflection. I've been using various antibiotics and medications for the past 10 yrs but they did not help much. The acne keeps fading and then appearing again.

I'm on Accutane for the past 2 days only. So far, I just feel dried nose and throat. I just hope it will work for me. I don't have severe acne, i can say mild acne.

Thanks for sharing. Let us know how it goes. The experience you described with acne medications....the acne subsiding and reappearing again is...... called a Rebound Effect and is pretty common with many acne treatments, especially aggressive ones.

Next time that happens, ask you doctor to reduce the dosage and see if that helps.

Also, make sure you read everything about Accutante including side effects, so you are aware of them and can inform your doctor if you experience severe ones. Some of the minor side effects might benefit from lifestyle changes....

like staying away sunlight or tanning beds (artificial UV rays) and drinking more water and eat more good fats like olive oil or salmon to combat the dryness.

Some people feel that taking vitamin E or fish oil softgels help with the excess dryness. However, make sure you tell your doctor of any supplements you plan on taking to make sure there is no contraindication.

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Reviews Low Dose Accutane - Rosacea Treatment

by rosacea treatment

Other research also shows that low dose Accutane treatment resulted in a reduction of facial skin temperature and a reduction of blood flow through the cheeks.

Yes, in addition to reduced facial bloodflow, the same study also indicates that oral isotretinoin (Accutane)reduced inflammation and thus treating some of the other symptoms of rosacea, especially in resistant cases.

The dosage used in the study ranged from 0.5 to 1mg per killogram, per day over a 20 week course.

Use of Oral Isotretinonin in the Management of Rosacea.

However, it's important to know all the risk associated with this drug too. Click here to continue with Accutane rosacea treatment.

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Accutane Blog - I have still the side effects of Isotretinoin

by David

Hi all

Above all do not want to scare or anything like that, but this is my story, and perhaps others will serve to decide whether or not to take the medicine.

My name is David I have 28 years, I'm from Madrid, and I also was taking Dercutane (Isotretinoin) for almost 9 months, a total of 10gram take that for my weight, 65Kilos is the maximum recommended dose can be given.

I had a mild nodular acne that is I got a few pimples but internal and took too long to leave, so the dermatologist decided to give me these miracle pills.

During the treatment, I had the typical side effects, like all people who take it, nothing alarming.

But now, after almost a year after completing the treatment when I am suffering more: I have permament dry eyes, back and joint pains continued, headaches, generalized dryness throughout the body, nose bleeds, constipation, anxiety produced through all this trouble sleeping ..

My quality of life has been reduced by 70%, since I can not do almost anything he did before, I can not even bend over without pain in my back and knees.

My life has become going to specialist like orthopedic surgeons, ophthalmologists, rheumatologists, neurologists ... and none of them give me solution to my problems.

I created a website so that all who pass or have passed through what I promote it and to know what they can do this drug, which not even the laboratories that produce exactly know the mechanism of action is a poison, and certainly, at least I do, I devote my time and desire to spread my message.

This is the website I created: (In Spanish)



Thanks for sharing your problems with Accutane. I'm so sorry to hear that you've so many problems. It seems that some people have major long term side effects and some only minor ones.

I wonder if it's due to the dosage, the time frame, and the exact medication used.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'm sure others will appreciate reading about it.


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oratane(Accutane) prematurely ages your skin

by sandra

Ive been taking oratane when i was 18 now I'm 24.I was a young healthy teenager with no signs of mental problem.

Like all teenagers i was obssesed with my acne, antibiotics did work but then it would come back again as soon as i stop taking them, so I was really desperate. My acne wasn't that severe -- by the way!!!

But the dermatologist suggested that I do the oratane treatment. He said it was an effective way to get rid of my acne permanently,it didn't take me long to make my decision and do it.

I was naive and not well informed of the serious and irreversible side effects of the product.

The doctor did inform me that its dangerous but rapidly reassured me that I will be well attended so I went ahead and did it. I experienced some minor side effects at the beginning and during the treatment but nothing bad!!

Now 5 years later, I've come to the conclusion that the side effects are permanent. I used to have thick lovely hair,now its thin and dry. I could go to the beach, but now my skin is so fragile and sensitive to the sun that I have to constantly avoid the sun.

Even sunscreen doesn't work anymore, I feel like my skin has been so used to sunscreen that it no longer protect my skin properly!!!!! I'm also getting brown spots due to the sun, which is a sign of aging!

I'm also noticing the rapid aging of my skin (getting wrinkles at the age of 24!!) especially (the face and around the eyes)

Ive also got eye problems, i tend to get eye infections very often, permanent back pain , my kidneys got weak,so life's a nightmare now for me!!

I tend to have suicidal thoughts sometimes...which doesn't resemble me!!!

I just wanted to share my experience with you and make sure noddy take this sort of drug!!! I don't understand how it can be authorized on the market!!!! it really ruins people's life!!!
I don't even know if i can have a safe pregnancy one day!

The worst thing is the premature aging its the worst thing that can happen to a young woman.

Hi Sandra,

Thank you so much for sharing your terrible experience. It's sad to read your post and to see how bad you feel at such a young age. I hope you have stopped taking the drug. You're still young and there is a good chance you can return to normal.

You might want to see a doctor about the depression/suicidal thoughts. Also, about your kidney problems. Getting treatment early is a good idea.

As far as your skin, it's not too late to improve your skin and the wrinkles. Remember, wrinkles do start to show up around the eyes for many women in the mid to late 20's. Especially if you have light/fair skin.

Consider using a good hydrating moisturizer everyday and a mild pH balanced facial wash. The less chemicals in your wash the better.

You might even want to consider facial exercises now to prevent more wrinkles. Once they set really deep it's a lot more work to get rid of them. At you're you only have to do the face exercises 15 minutes a day - 2 times a week.

That's not a big time investment considering the results you can achieve. Here is a sample of an exercise to get rid of crow's feet. Watch this video Facial Exercise Video Sample

Good luck to you and please do see a doctor about your physical and especially mental health.

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Accutane for Acne Side Effects - Horrible experience

(North Carolina, USA)

My daughter took this medication and she developed anorexia, depression and severe headaches.

Now...22...and she was 15 when she took this.....a year of accutane therapy has almost taken her life.....She has been to treatment for anorexia and now has to go back........

Accutane took away my sweet girl and gave her depression, anorexia and this did not go away.........there has to be something accutane does to the brain that affects it long term in some patients....serotonin production?

I don't know...but it is lethal and crosses the blood brain barrier. Do not chance not put your children on this drug .....this has been a nightmare for our family........

Thank you so much for sharing you're experience about your daughter's problems with Accutane (isotretinoin). Accutane was originally only supposed to be used for extremely severe cases of acne. But somehow it became the go-to drug for all types of acne/breakout problems.

And, it seems that this drug was controversial right from the beginning. Physician's knew it can cause birth defects....not to mention less serious side effects like hair loss, dry eyes and skin, rashes, headaches, irritable bowel disease, glucose problems and more.

If your daughter's acne is not too severe consider a more organic approach - while it's not an alternative to acne it has helped many people clear up their skin. There is always a money back guarantee if it doesn't work.

Again, thanks for sharing and I hope things improve for you and your family.

P.S. Has your daughter tried the ANSR. It's a laser light therapy that is supposed to be an incredible device to clear up skin. Watch this video facial light therapy for acne.

If you do try it, would you please write me back and let me know how it worked? It's fairly new so I'd like to get more feed back so I can inform others who suffer from acne and breakouts.


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bad drug - accutane users beware

by jennifer
(waynesburg )

I had a dermatologist who wanted me to take Accutane. I had a strong feeling not to take it and I listened.

A couple months later a commercial came on that you could sue the Accutane makers for the bad drug since it was linked to so many bad diseases and even death.

I am so glad that I never took this horrible drug no matter what anyone told me. i believe that God was looking out for me and gave me the gut feeling not to take this drug.

In my opinion it is extremely dangerous and no matter how bad your acne may seem I would never want anyone to take it due to the horrible side effects.

Thanks for your posting Jennifer. Yes, you are lucky you didn't take it. But to my surprise, there are a few people who have written to me and told me that even the accutane recall, they continued to use it because it helped clear up their acne and they didn't suffer any accutane side effects. This really shocked me!

If anyone else has any accutane stories to tell, we'd love to hear from you. I'm curious how many people are suffering serious side effects and what kind of side effects are they.

You might be suffering from -- let say depression -- and not even realize that it could be due to the drug.


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